Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ely of Metta

I went to Metta again.  When I saw their receptionist....okay....a fairly good looking and fit guy.  He was wearing a fit shirt and pants showing off his muscles.  I had to remind myself, I am not here for the receptionist hahahaha

I did not ask for a specific masseur, so I was assigned to Ely.  I remembered someone mentioned him before in this blog.

Average looking guy, lean and courteous.  As usual I stripped naked and waited for my therapist.  Ely started giving my back a massage, working on my shoulders and then down my backside.  Without notice, he suddenly cupped my asshole.  Okay...I got the message.

His massage was on the lighter side but smooth.  I wanted a moderate massage, but I did not anymore complain.  I just wanted to observe what he was doing.

As soon as I turned over, he gave my legs a massage and then the chest.  I knew what was about to happen next.  He moved close to my ear and asked me "pa extra ka sir?" I replied okay, sure, "pila man?", "500 lang sir", "sige".  He also asked me if he could get the money in the cubicle.  I get annoyed by this but since he politely asked me, I did not mind.

While he was jerking me off and rubbing my balls, I was busy exploring his body, playing with his nipples and cock.  Unfortunately it was not hard.  I forgot I was not able to release for almost a week, so when I came, I came hard!  And he did not stop jerking off me even when I came!  Shit! hahahaha

After I came, he stood up and politely told me that the massage was over and he was going out to get the powder.  After being powdered all over, I checked my phone and it was exactly one hour.

My conclusion to the massage?  Yes, Ely is worth hiring.  He is courteous and not demanding.  Just inform him if the massage is too light for your taste.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Siotee Relaxing Spa

So here is my review for Siotee spa male therapist.

Someone mentioned Siotee Spa in this blog.  So I finally decided to go there.  I do not really like the place as it is so isolated due to the flyover.

Their Swedish massage is 250 Pesos.  Looking around the spa and their facilities, 250 Pesos is a bit expensive.  Their bathroom needed some updating.  I saw a dead roach on the floor.

My masseur was an average looking guy (again when I say average, walay epek), lean body and looks very young.  I am pretty sure he is barely legal hahahaha

When I got in the cubicle, I was concerned of their curtain partition.  It was a bit thin and I could hear people talking on the other side (See my Siotee female therapist review)

Anyway, I did not get naked this time.  I wore the boxer shorts provided by the spa.  The massage started well but I observed it was short.  I was able to check the time midway through the massage.

As usual when it came time to massage my hand the therapist tried to press it on his crotch.  Here we go again.  Nothing new.  So I started touching his crotch area.

Finally I had to ask him, "ga extra ka bai?"  He said yes and he asked for 500 Pesos.  I tried to negotiate a bit but he insisted on 500 Pesos.

So I agreed with his price and he started playing with my balls and then placed his hands over my cock.  While he was busy doing me, my hands were as usual wondering around his body, investigating his nipples, torso and crotch.

The jerk off was nothing extra ordinary. It was not like lingam or anything.  I came and that was it.

After I came, he asked me if I wanted a hotel towel.  He was courteous enough.  He did not wait inside the cubicle while I was changing.

My final thoughts on Siotee?  I would probably go back there to check on their other male masseurs.  The only downside is the location.  I had a difficult time getting a taxi.  The place is so dead.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Water based Lubricant

Someone asked where can one buy water-based lubricants or personal lubricants and what brands are available.

Right now in Cagayan de Oro, it is quite limited compared to other major cities in the Philippines.

There is EZ Lubricating Jelly, a product of Trust Condom.  It costs around 30 Pesos and is easy to use because it is sold in sachets.

I noticed recently it is no longer available in pharmacies even in Watsons.

Watsons has a variety of lubricants to choose from.  So I advise you go to Watsons or SM Deparment Store.  The toiletry section of the department store also sells these lubricants.

Aside from EZ, there is also Bliss, Durex and of course the mother of all lubricants, KY Jelly.  

KY Jelly is used for ultra sound and other medical procedures.  I think it is even used to treat dryness around the vagina.  KY Jelly can be bought in most pharmacies.

By the way, some people confuse Petroleum Jelly with KY Jelly.  Petroleum Jelly is oil based while KY Jelly is water-based.

The good thing about water based lubricants is that once it dries up a bit, you just add a bit of water and it becomes slippery again.

Most of these personal lubricants can get a bit expensive.  A tube of KY Jelly would cost around 400 Pesos and include the cost of a condom, mu mahal gyud gamay.

But again, its all about safety.  Always remember to use a condom.  HIV is now rampant in CDO.  It is best to be safe than sorry.

Siotee female therapist

Siotee Relaxing Spa is located in Carmen, just below the flyover going to Pryce Plaza.

Their Swedish massage is 250 Pesos.  It is a bit expensive if you consider everything including the location and facilities. (I will be giving a review on Siotee male therapist soon)

While I was waiting for my therapist, I could hear the female therapist and his male client talking. 

Lets just say the male client is Grandpa hahahaha.  He had a very old and mature voice.  Grandpa was very inquisitive.  He seems to be into the female therapist.  Daghan kaayo pangutana.  I think Grandpa was from Davao.  They spoke mixed Visayan and Tagalog.  

So my massage started but I could still hear them talk.  I knew how this would end up.  Later on I heard the therapist blurt out "oh shit"....I had to stop myself from giggling.  Oh shit indeed.

A few minutes on I saw the curtain partition moving and swaying back and forth.  Okay....she was either jerking him off or giving him a blow job.

After that I did not any more focus my attention on them.  I was also busy with myself, if you know what I mean.

So to Granpa....Congrats!  Napa shit gyud nimo ang therapist!  Belib ko nimo! hahahaha

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Moderated comments

A reminder to everyone.  All comments posted here are moderated and would need my approval.  Do not keep on resending your comments.

I check the blog at least once or twice a day (morning and evening).  If I am not busy I check the blog more often.  So please bear with me.  I am not always online.

Thanks so much for your support!  Happy Holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

JR of Tatsujin

I was out with a friend and was about to go home.  Since Tatsujin (Velez branch) was just around the corner, I decided to get a massage.  Swedish massage was still at 190 Pesos.

The name of the therapist was J.R. (JayR).  He was around 5'4 inches tall (162 cm), bulky body frame (above average), fair skinned, ordinary facial features.  Okay lang.

When I went in the cubicle, I did not remove my underwear.  I wanted to see how the massage would progress with or without my underwear.

The massage started great.  He was hitting the right spots on my back.  He partly removed my underwear to give my behind a massage.  So far so good.  When he unceremoniously removed my underwear, the massage went downhill.

He was now using one hand to massage my leg.  He was just squeezing my leg, slapping it a bit and a few seconds later, he was done.  Next leg, it got worst.  I approximate that he was done with both of my legs in a minute or a minute an a half.  Now based on my experience, each leg should be massaged for at least 3 minutes.  That is 6 minutes for both legs minimum.  I did not anymore complain.  I was just observing him.

As soon as I turned over, he started giving my thighs a massage, brushing my cock with his hands.  Just a few squeeze there and here, he gave my chest a massage and without missing a beat, he whispered to me "pa extra service ka sir?"  Take note, he has not even massaged my arms yet.

He asked for 1,000 Pesos.  Maghubo daw siya ug mag pagawas.  Sorry, I do not have that money with me.  So I said 500 Pesos is what I can afford.  So he agreed to give me a handjob.  While he was giving me a handjob, I observed he was trying to move away from me.  He intentionally moved so I could not touch him.  BULL SHIT!  I moved a bit, grabbed his belt and shoved my hand in his pants!  I was so pissed.  

Before the massage started I took note of the time and checked again after the massage/extra service was done.  Based on the time, the massage and extra service lasted only for 40 minutes.  Very typical of masseurs who are only after extra service and nothing else.

To conclude my review of JayR, all I can say is he is just after your money.  No money, no service. As in wala gyud, miski masahe naman lang.  So if you are like me on a budget, do not hire him.  You are just wasting your time and money with him.  You can find a better masseur.  However if you have the money to spend on him, go ahead but 1,000 Pesos is still expensive, considering that he would not suck you and you don't get to fuck him.  Based on my experience in Cebu at 1,000 Pesos I got to hire a masseur who sucked me and I got to fuck him good, of course with a condom.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

No Personal Ads

No one is anymore allowed to post cellphone numbers of massage therapist in this blog.  No personal ads.

All comments in this blog are reviewed before being posted online.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

POLL : Which massage style do you prefer?

After days of polling, a total of 17 people participated.  The question was "which massage style do you prefer?"

70% of those polled said that they prefer Sensual massage, followed by Swedish massage at 47%.

Why did I even asked hahahaha it is so obvious people here would prefer sensual massage.

Thanks so much for participating in the poll.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Too public

I never go to a spa located in malls or a commercial complex.  I have discussed this before.  It is too "public" for me.

I had a bad experience before.  I think it was Body and Sole in Rosario Arcade.  Tambay tambay ka sa Rosario Strip or Arcade and then the therapist would pass by.  Okay lang mag hi and hello and so on, but for the therapist to tease you like you are already intimate buddies, winking at you, it feels uncomfortable.  Sorry we are not close friends.  I am not gullible enough to fall for your charms.

I hope you guys understand.  Do you guys also have bad experiences with masseurs?  Post your comment here.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Elysium Spa revisited - Dexter

I went back to Elysium to try a new masseur.

Dexter was the name of my therapist.  Dark skinned, average height around 5'4 and very lean guy, a twink.

Anyway, got into the cubicle, stripped naked and waited.  The massage did not start well.  I felt it was a bit too slow and calculated.  It was like he recently memorized the massage routine and applied on me.  An expert masseur would just glide his hands over your body like butter hehehehe

As usual, when it came time for the hand massage, he tried pushing my hand on his crotch.

He then massaged my legs and when he reached my groin area, he asked me "ato ni massage?" putting his hands close to my cock.  At first I could not hear what he was saying.  He asked for 1,000 Pesos.  Maghubo daw siya.  If he was handsome and fit, I would probably say yes but he was not.  I told him I did not bring enough money.  Just jerk me off for 500 Pesos.

When he started jerking me off, I was not really impressed.  I came but I did not really enjoyed the sensation.

Anyway, the massage including extra service was exactly 1 hour.

To my surprise, Dexter asked me if he could get his tip before I get out of the cubicle.  So while I was dressing up, he was in the cubicle, waiting for his tip.  I was pissed off. Can't he just wait outside the cubicle?

I would not recommend Dexter.  Thumbs down.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Female Therapist in Cagayan de Oro

There is a growing number of straight guys asking questions regarding female therapist in this blog.  So I am dedicating this section of the blog to you guys.

To make this page more informative and interactive, please share your experiences with us.  The name of the spa, what happened, how it happened and so on.

A new page has been created for Female Therapist.  Please visit this page at

Check out this article at

This was made for male therapist but it can also be applied to female therapist.

Here is a list of spa's in Cagayan de Oro with female therapist:

Amarela (formerly Red Fern)
A. Velez corner Chaves St. - Divisoria Branch
Mobile No. 0935-2515066
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service 
Google Map :,124.6442663,19.75z

Amarela (formerly Red Fern)
Carmen Branch (in front of SSS)
Mobile No. 0935-2515065
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service

Caesar Spa
Corrales St. (in front of Regent Furniture-Trinidad Bldg.)
Offers Lingam
Abellanosa Street (along UCCP Church)

Duke Spa
Kauswagan Highway (across Hyundai and Shell)

3rd Floor RA UY Building, 
Pabayo St. corner T. Neri St. (in front Magsaysay Park)
Mobile No. 850-4508 / 0905-8099444
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hot Stones

Emperor Spa 
Capistrano Street (in front of SaveMore)
Google Map :,124.6432966,20.25z

Fai Thai 
A. Velez St. (adjacent to Rose Pharmacy)
Tel. No. 71-4528
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6444206,20.25z  

Fai Thai 
Corrales St. (same building with City Saving Bank)
Tel. No.
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6477868,19.5z 

Finest Thai (formerly 3K Thai)
Capistrano St. corner JR Borja St.(adjacent to LandBank)
Tel. No.
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6433725,19.75z

Gomez corner Cruz Taal St. (adjacent to GoldCrest)
Tel. No. 0926-9923152 / 0916-9212218
Offers Whole Body, Ventosa, Lymphatic

Metta Spa
Abejuela St.
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu

Vamenta Blvd.
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service

Gusa Highway (across Chowking-Gusa)
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6723895,19.5z

Gomez Street
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service

Vamenta Boulevard (just below the Pryce Plaza flyover)
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu
Google Map :,124.6358627,19.75z

A. Velez corner Gomez St.
Offers  Swedish, Shiatsu
Google Map :,124.6433141,20.5z

Pabayo St. (near Casa Crystalla) 
Tel. No. 880-3398
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6451328,20.5z

Friday, October 9, 2015

Lumbago Touch Massage

Remember Moon Spa?  It is now Lumbago Touch Massage.  The spa is located near Goldcrest along Pabayo corner Cruz Taal Streets.

Their whole body massage (1 hour) is only 190 Pesos.  They offer a 4 hand massage (2 masseurs giving you a massage).  It will cost you around 550 Pesos.  They accept hotel and home service.

So I went in, asked for the whole body massage and a male therapist.  The therapist was not good looking but not that unappealing.  Okay lang, not a problem for me. When I went up and saw the cubicles and decor...oh reminded me of Mahumpay.  I just wanted to redecorate the entire spa and give it a touch of gayness hahahahaha.

I was wearing my underwear, no plans for ES, I was broke :)  The massage started well, average at best.  So far so good.  I turned over and he gave my hands a massage.  Here we go....he was trying to press my hands on his crotch.  Sorry I am not falling for that trick.  Besides I am broke!  So he continued giving me a massage.  Then suddenly he sat beside me, placed my hand on his crotch and started giving my chest a massage. He was not taking NO for an answer.  I finally told him...sorry, not tonight, maybe next time?

This is getting frustrating.  Am I too gay that masseurs assume I need extra service or they just assume all male clients are gay?  Post your comments.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lending money

I was waiting for a taxi just outside a spa and heard two people talking nearby.  It was an older gay guy and a male therapist.  

The male therapist was trying to convince his "sugar daddy" to lend him money.  He kept on talking about getting a new phone so they can communicate well.  His old phone was not working well, he could not hear the phone ringing and so on.  Bullshit!

I had my share of experience with people asking me money.  Not necessarily from male therapists but from "friends" and co-workers.  

One thing I have learned from lending money is not to expect to get paid.  When you lend money to someone, it is like giving out money from your heart.  Ayaw na ug dahum ma bayaran ka pa.

If the person pays you back, then good.  If he does not, it is expected.  You lend money because you have extra money to loose or give away.  If you do not have money and you still lend money, be careful.  Ikaw pa hinoon ang mangutang kay wala kanay kuwarta.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fai Thai Corrales branch revisted

I have not gone to Fai Thai Divisoria or Corrales branch for a long time (almost 2 years).  Most of their therapist are only after extra service.  Instead of giving you a 1 hour massage, they cut it short and offer immediately extra service.  So I decided to stop going there.  I am not getting my moneys worth.

I decided to give Fai Thai a chance.  Its been a long time.   Maybe they have hired better masseurs.  So I went to Fai Thai Corrales branch.  Their Swedish massage is still 180 Pesos.  The massage therapist assigned to me was a tall guy around 173 cm or 5'8".  He looked well built and good looking (in the dark cubicle? hehehe).

The massage started very well.  I was quite impressed.  I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.  He had good hands.

When I turned over, within seconds he offered me extra service.  Seriously?!  I was so satisfied with the massage that I was not thinking of extra service.  It was disappointing.  Fai Thai has not changed at all.

Would I suggest Fai Thai Corrales branch to people?  I don't know.  I am conflicted.  The therapist was quite good but he gave me a massage for only 30 minutes ( I paid for a 1 hour massage).  Sayang.

By the way, the spa air conditioner was not working well at that time.  It was warm inside the spa.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Response to Mahumpay

This is my response to a comment posted by an "Anonymous" person who I believe is connected with Mahumpay Spa.

(  First of all I did NOT ask for ES, I NEVER asked for it.  I always wait for the therapist to offer it.  Kung naa, good, kung wala, okay ra.  I have said this over and over in the blog, I am after a good massage, ES is just extra, it is not a deal breaker.  If you do not know the term "not a deal breaker" go Google it.

Since we are already in the topic of ES.....FYI, I did not mention this in the article but I could clearly hear a squishing sound of a cock being masturbated or sucked in the adjacent cubicle.  Since when do you hear a squishing/pounding/stroking sound while you are being given a massage?  Also the clients at that time were mostly old gay men....go figure out what they want.

The real ISSUE here is the BEHAVIOR of your therapist who just LEFT ME in the room for several minutes without telling me that the massage service was over.  Kinsa bay tarong nga therapist nga mubuhat ana?  If you read the comments on the article, there was another person who had the same complaint.  Clearly I am not the only person who experienced this.  

You claim that Mahumpay Spa is one of the most professional spa in CDO? Was April Fools Day moved to September?  Instead of apologizing for the behavior of your therapist, you defend their mistakes.  It is quite obvious your spa is just trying to make money and not put your customers interest ahead.

Do not bother to reply to this article or post another advertisement in my blog (yes, that valentines promo or something), I will never approve it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Elysium Spa

Elysium Spa is located on the 3rd floor of RA Uy Building.  You access the spa through a staircase (facing Magsaysay Park).

The spa interior was ordinary, nothing mind blowing.  I asked for a male therapist as usual.  The massage started off like any ordinary massage until he got around my thigh/groin area.  I got hard and I am quite sure he noticed it (I was practically naked).  So right on cue, he started exploring more areas of my groin.

As he did that, my hands wandered around his uniform and noticed his cock was hard.  Hmmmm very unusual for a straight therapist to have a boner.  So I just played with his boner while he played mine.

We were practically jerking off each other until I came.  He squeezed my cock gently, like he was trying to get out every last bit of cum in me.  Then without notice he suddenly bent over and licked my dick head....Boooom!  That was unexpected.

What was also unexpected, he did not demand for any amount or mentioned ES.  So after the massage I gave him 500 Pesos.

And now you will all hate me for this...I did not ask for his name!  It was already midnight, so tired and sleepy.  I wanted to go home and sleep after that massage.  I was already in the taxi when I remembered that I forgot to ask for the masseurs name...alangan mo balik pa ko?  Uwaw naman hehehehe  Enjoy your weekend :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My issues with spa's in CDO

My experience with Mahumpay made me think about the state of the spa industry in CDO.

If you visit older spas in CDO like Sentara, Touch N Heal, La Cabana and even Nuat Thai, they all look nice and relaxing.

Right now, most spas in CDO looks like ordinary commercial spaces or worst cheap boarding houses with rooms partitioned with cheap curtains, decorated with tacky furniture and smelly beds.  Basta basta nalang mag himo ug spa para maka kwarta.  Can't they hire an architect or interior designer to decorate the space?

Spa's used to ask their clients (after the massage) if they were satisfied by their service.  Now, no one cares if you had a good or bad experience.  I think this is one reason why there are a lot of abusive therapists in CDO.  No one reprimands them or tells them what they are doing is wrong.

And speaking of abusive therapist.  Some of these therapists are just jumping from one spa to the next.  I am amazed with the spa management.  They still hire these abusive therapist despite being fired from their previous job.  Kulang ba gyud ang mga male therapist sa CDO?

What do you think are other issues plaguing the spa industry in CDO?  Post your comments here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Posting comments

Guys, please avoid posting comments not related to the topic.

If you have a general question about spa's in Cagayan de Oro, post your comment in the List of Spa's in Cagayan de Oro City.  Click on this link


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mahumpay Spa : The worst spa experience!

The worst spa experience so far in CDO!  The spa looked like an old boarding house with tacky furniture's and stuff.  The cubicle curtain partitions were a bit thin that you can practically see what was going on on the other side.  I also saw a framed photo of Kate Hudson on a small table.  It was strange and weird.

Regular Swedish (with oil) massage costs around 180 Pesos for 1 hour.  My masseur was also the receptionist at that time.  The massage was below average to average, nothing spectacular or whatever.  There was no extra service which was not a deal breaker for me.  What pissed me off was when the therapist left the room without telling me the massage was over.  For a few minutes I was lying down not knowing what was going on.  Probably around 5 minutes later, I stood up, looked out from the cubicle and checked on the receptionist desk.  Loo and behold!  The therapist was dozing off on the desk.  FUCK YOU!  He did not even bothered to check why I was taking too long in the cubicle.  

I changed to my clothes, went to the desk, paid the massage service and left.  No tip!  He did not deserve it.

So the million dollar question...would I still go back to Mahumpay for another massage??  My answer is...I don't think so.  With so many spa's in CDO, why bother getting a massage in the worst spa ever!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lingam in CDO

Someone made a comment that Caesar's Palace Spa (formerly Urban Spa) was offering lingam massage.  Lingam is a massage service that concentrates around the groin area.  In short, hiloton ang otin.  I got curious and went to the spa to investigate.

I asked the lady receptionist regarding their massage services.  She said they only have one packaged service.  It involves one hour regular massage and 30 minutes lingam massage.  She explained further that lingam massage includes or involves prostate massage.  My jaw dropped....prostate massage?? Prostate massage is sticking in a finger in your ass and massage the prostate gland along the anal cavity.   The cost for the entire package?  900 Pesos!  And I think it does not include tip.  I forgot to ask if 900 Pesos also includes showering before the massage.  I do not think their therapist would be sticking their finger or fingers in your ass if you are not clean down there.

Is 900 Pesos lingam massage practical?  I am not sure.  I want to try but it is a bit expensive for me.  Remember 900 Pesos might not yet include tip.

If you have already tried Caesar's Palace Spa, post a comment here and share your experience with us.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Featured Masseur for paid advertisement

I have totally deleted all information in the Featured Masseur page.  However I recently decided not to the delete the page but instead offer this page to masseurs who wants to advertise their services here.  Payment is required!  You can not just advertise here for free.

I will post later on the payment details.  If you are interested, just post a comment here.  Do not worry, no one will see your comment or message.  Again all comments in this blog would need my approval first.

Thanks for supporting this blog.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Revisted Tatsujin main branch

After getting a massage at Tatsujin Velez branch, I decided to give Tatsujin main branch a visit after years of boycotting it.

I won't make it too long.  Their regular massage is 350 Pesos.  It was expensive!  The worst part was the therapist.  The therapist was just after extra service.  I only got a 30 minute massage which was supposed to be 1 hour 15 minutes.

Wala na ang mga karaan nga therapist but the new ones adopted the bad habits of the old therapists.

I guess my boycott of this spa continues...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tatsujin - A. Velez Branch

After weeks of no massage, I decided to get one.

I was walking along Velez Street when I noticed a new spa that opened just above Octagon Computer Store.  To my surprise it was Tatsujin.  Later I learned it was a branch of Tatsujin located in front of Savemore - Capistrano Street.

I have discussed this before in this blog.  I hated the masseurs in Tatsujin - Capistrano branch.  I have not gone to Tatsujin - Capistrano branch for sometime now.

So I decided to take a chance and try their spa.  The regular massage was priced at 350 Pesos but the receptionist said that they were currently offering 50% off on services, so it was only 175 Pesos.

I told the receptionist I needed a male therapist.  Again I had no expectations or whatsoever with the therapist.  The massage was average.  I noticed the therapist was rubbing his butt on my back.  As usual, I did not react.  I really needed a massage and was almost falling asleep.

When the therapist started pressing my thighs, I got a hard on.  I guess he noticed it and when he started giving my arm and hand a massage, he pressed his crotch to my hand.

Not missing a beat, he then whispered to my ear..."gusto ka ug extra sir?"  I asked "pila man?"  "500 sir, pero kung gusto ka magpagawas pud ko, padugang lang sa 500".

I told him to jerk me off for 500.  No need for him to cum.  "Sugod na ta sir?"  Sure, why not! He poured oil on my hard tool and started stroking it while his lips were busy licking my nipples.

To be honest, there was nothing really exciting when he jerked me off.  It was good but nothing to brag about.  I was so sleepy after the massage I forgot to ask his name.  A big mistake on my part.  Anyway, he was a small guy, lean, ordinary looking.  I would not probably miss him.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dexter of Metta Spa

I went again to Metta and had a 1 hour swedish massage for only 170 Pesos.  In their list of massage rates, swedish massage is found at the bottom part.

I just asked who was available at that time.  Luckily they gave me a new masseur named Dexter.  Personally I think he is good looking.

The massage was good, though his hands were a little bit coarse.  As usual I did not make any moves.  I just waited for him to offer something.

He started giving me a back massage, then the legs and so on.  Nothing much was happening until I turned around.  When he started reaching near my thigh I could feel my blood rushing to my manhood.

Sensing I had an erection his hands started to get more adventurous.  Probing the inner parts of my groin and so on.   After teasing me for some time, he then asked me, "Sir gusto ka ES?"  I asked how much?  He replied 800 Pesos.  I told him 500 Pesos is my max.  He paused a bit and then said "sugod na ta sir".

Unfortunately his ES was nothing spectacular.  He just jerked me off and that was it.  I was able to touch his entire body and limp cock.  It was not hard.

Another day in the spa....

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Name the masseur or not?

Someone told me recently that a spa in CDO had started monitoring their masseurs for extra services and because of this some masseurs left the spa.

My fear is that someone might use this blog to do a witch hunt on these masseurs offering extra services.  This made me think... should I name names, who are these masseurs offering extra services or just mention the name of the spa?

I do not want to be the reason why they got fired in the first place.

Post a comment, share your opinions.  Should we name them or not? or am I just being paranoid?

Monday, April 13, 2015

HIV infection in CDO alarming

Cagayan de Oro City has been named by the Department of Health as one of the 6 Philippine cities with a "concentrated epidemic" of HIV.  If unchecked it might reach "uncontrollable" levels in a couple of years.

DOH is asking the public especially those who engage in gay sex to cooperate and be informed on the issue.

For more information, read the Rappler online article at

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Urban Spa

I wanted to try something new so I tried Urban Spa located along Corrales Street just in front of Trinidad Building.  The spa is quite small.  You can basically hear everyone in the spa.  Their swedish massage costs around 250 Pesos.  They are open until 2am but I think their last call is around 1am.

The cubicle assigned to me was quite small that the bed was already positioned against the wall.  When I entered the cubicle a sign greeted me...Extra Service Not Allowed!  I just smiled and said to myself this will be just a regular massage.  I was mistaken.

The therapist first massaged my legs and worked up until my thigh.  I started to notice his hands were brushing my balls and started to reach deep around my groin area.  This guy was teasing me.

By the time I turned over he was in full extra service mode.  He was brushing his hands on my cock, positioning my feet on his groin and so on.  When he started to give my chest and nipples some love...okay, this is ES time.  With my manhood hard as a pole, he did not wait for me to ask for ES.  He started stroking my pole like he wanted something to come out of it.  I had to stop him and ask how much?  He said 500 Pesos and I was fine with it.

As much as I want to name names, I can't.  Taking into consideration that the spa placed those signs I have to respect the privacy of the therapist.  I hope you guys understand.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

CDO spa and masseur updates

Hi guys and gals.  With so many spas and masseurs in CDO, I can't check them all every week.

It is so expensive for me to visit a spa and hire a masseur especially with a happy ending.  If I do it every week, I might go bankrupt by the end of the month.  I hope you guys understand.

I am thinking of deleting the Featured Masseur page.  It is so difficult to find good masseurs in CDO that you can trust.  Kasagara mga walay buot ug daghan issue.  Any suggestion for a replacement page?

Salamat sa tanan nag comment dinhi sa akong blog.  Your comments contribute to the success of this blog.  Mao ng number 1 na pirme ang kining blog sa Google search for CDO spas and masseurs.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Johnny of Red Fern - Carmen Branch

I got curious of a certain Johnny from Red Fern - Carmen branch.  His name was mentioned in other blogs including comments here in CDO Massage.  So I decided to drop by at Red Fern.

Red Fern - Carmen branch is located across the SSS Building.  Red Fern offers swedish/shiatsu massage, deep tissue, traditional hilot and the one of a kind four hand massage.  Yes...two massage therapist will give you a massage at the same time.

I opted for the cheaper swedish massage at 250 Pesos.  I requested for Johnny and luckily he was available at that time.  Johnny is a fairly good looking guy compared to most of the masseurs I have encountered.  He has fair to light skin, average body built and chinito.

Before the massage started, I told Johnny I just took a bath so bahala ka na...  I am not sure if he smiled back at me.  It was hard to see in the dark cubicle.  Just a few minutes into the massage, I knew this would end up really good.  His hands glided like smooth ice and he explored places where no therapist has gone before LOL and it felt good.  Despite the urge to grab him, I kept my hands to myself.  I just allowed him to do his stuff without my hands interfering hahahaha ;)

His chest massage was arousing.  It hit the spot and he immediately knew what to do next.  He poured oil over my groin area and started giving me a handjob.  His soft hands were caressing my manhood like a delicate flower! Agh! The sensation was amazing!  I think he applied lingam massage on me.  Unlike other masseurs who held my cock like a door knob, he held mine with care.  Now this time my hands were roaming around his body, ready for the kill!  Unfortunately his cock was not hard.

After a minute of his caring strokes, I came hard and strong hahahaha.  It was simply satisfying.  After the handjob he continued with the massage and was kind enough to ask if I wanted a hot towel.  Afterwards I gave him his generous tip.  He was worth every Peso, no doubt about it.

So the next time you are around Carmen area, check out Red Fern and look for Johnny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ben of Touch n Heal

I have been to Touch n Heal years ago and I am glad they maintained the quality and ambiance of the place.  The massage rates are expensive but again they maintained the place very well.

I did not know any male therapist in the spa so I just asked whoever was available.  The name of my masseur was Ben.  He is short, chubby, descent young looking guy.

The massage was not that good, very average.  I think he still lacks experience.  I could sense he was trying his best to seduce me, rubbing his private parts all over me.  He even climb over me and was trying to position his groin over my face.

Finally I just asked him about extra service.  He does not give hand jobs but he offered himself to get suck.  Unfortunately I don't suck so I just stroked his nice cock and pleasured myself.  End of massage.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jimwell of Senses

I was visiting a friend in Capitol University Medical City and noticed a spa just in front of the hospital.  It was evening and I had a long day, so I decided to check it out.

Senses Spa only offers swedish massage and nothing else.  Massage rate is at 180 Pesos and their home/hotel service rate is at 360 Pesos, which is actually quite cheap.

Since it was my first time in the spa, I just asked who was the next available male therapist.  Jimwell was the name of my masseur.  He looks matured and worn down, like he is in his 30's or even 40's.

The massage was good but he kept on going in and out of the cubicle which annoyed me a bit.  Nothing really happened until I turned over and he gave me a massage on my thigh.  I got aroused of course and I think he noticed it (I was wearing underwear).  When he started giving my arms and hand a massage he kept on pressing it on his groin.  Hello there cock a doodle doo!!

Make the story short, he gave me a hand job and when he took out his hard cock...okay...nice...firm...big enough for a size queen.  Again I don't suck so I just held on it like my life depended on it hahahaha.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.  There are spa's in the city offering promos for Valentines Day.  So check them out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Changes to the blog

Don't be surprised if every now and then the blog layout changes.  I am trying to decide what color scheme to use and other stuff.  If you have suggestions or reactions to the new blog layout, please post a comment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Michael of Metta Spa

I got a massage from Michael.  I suspect he used to work at Tatsujin.  I remember someone complained about a certain Michael at Tatsujin who would not get out of the cubicle until you pay him his tip and it happened to me.  His massage was average and afterwards he gave me a hand job.  The spa offers cheap massage at around 180 Pesos.

Monday, January 26, 2015

1 hour massage

I have been going around spas in Cagayan de Oro checking on the masseurs and spa facilities.  It was generally a disappointing experience.

I paid for a 1 hour massage but most therapist serviced me for an average of 30 minutes.  I used my phone timer to check the time.  They are basically in a hurry so that they can offer extra services.

This has to stop.  These masseurs are becoming lazy and unprofessional.  Some would even stay in the cubicle and wait for their tip.

My advise to everyone is this, get your phone and show the masseur that you are using a timer.  They have to learn that 1 hour is 1 hour.  You paid for a 1 hour massage and that does not include the hot towel rub.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

No free advertisements

All messages posted in this blog is moderated.  You can not post anything here without my approval.  This is NOT your blog so NO free advertisements.

This also gave me an idea.  If you are really hell bent to advertise yourselves in this blog, then pay me.  Magbayad mo sa ako para mabutang inyong number ug pangalan dinhi.  I will make a separate page for paid advertisements.

I will post the requirements and details later.