Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jimwell of Senses

I was visiting a friend in Capitol University Medical City and noticed a spa just in front of the hospital.  It was evening and I had a long day, so I decided to check it out.

Senses Spa only offers swedish massage and nothing else.  Massage rate is at 180 Pesos and their home/hotel service rate is at 360 Pesos, which is actually quite cheap.

Since it was my first time in the spa, I just asked who was the next available male therapist.  Jimwell was the name of my masseur.  He looks matured and worn down, like he is in his 30's or even 40's.

The massage was good but he kept on going in and out of the cubicle which annoyed me a bit.  Nothing really happened until I turned over and he gave me a massage on my thigh.  I got aroused of course and I think he noticed it (I was wearing underwear).  When he started giving my arms and hand a massage he kept on pressing it on his groin.  Hello there cock a doodle doo!!

Make the story short, he gave me a hand job and when he took out his hard cock...okay...nice...firm...big enough for a size queen.  Again I don't suck so I just held on it like my life depended on it hahahaha.


  1. Which spa do u like or frequent most?

  2. Hi Stewart. I will post my answer in the List of Spas in Cagayan de Oro City page. Go to the Popular Post and click on the link. Thanks

  3. isa ra kabuok masseur sa senses? i visited there once pero wala daw c jimwell. ana ko lain masseur nalang, ana ang front desk wala daw. either wala nay lain or busy tanan masseur. i was confused. tsk! wa napud ko nag bother ug explain. haha

  4. Anonymous, yes your suspicion is correct. Usa ra ka male therapist sa Gusa branch nila. I was there a few days ago. Sorry I was not able to post an update here. I might try to check their other branches.

  5. langan lang mo bati kaau og nawong ng therapist dha potot pa gyod.para mo motoo hala sulaye og adto.

    1. Anonymous...nag ingon nako nga "he looks matured and worn down". That is already a hint to everyone that he is not a good looking guy.

  6. murag wala na jimwell. nag handle sa ako si prince. i was disappointed sa massage. murag bago pa training nga therapist.