Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alex now in Manila

Alex left Cagayan de Oro last month and is now living in Manila looking for better opportunities.  He still accepts home and hotel service within Cubao area only.

Avoid sending text messages.  Most of the time, he has no e-load and could not reply back.  So if you want a quick reply, then call him.  No miss calls please.

Negotiate beforehand what type of massage service you want (Shiatsu/Swedish) and the rate for the services.  Be precise and clear with him on what you really want so there would be no confusion and problems later on.

He is a straight guy so do not expect him to bottom or blow you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updates for Sanctuary Spa and Salon

I went recently to Sanctuary Spa located along 6th corner 17th Streets, Nazareth.  It is basically near Loretos Bar. 

I was assigned to a male therapist named "Alex".  Most therapists I have known are lean or thin but Alex was a big stocky guy.  I was intrigued.

He gives a good massage.  Unlike others who are in a hurry so that they can start with extra services.