Friday, October 2, 2015

Lending money

I was waiting for a taxi just outside a spa and heard two people talking nearby.  It was an older gay guy and a male therapist.  

The male therapist was trying to convince his "sugar daddy" to lend him money.  He kept on talking about getting a new phone so they can communicate well.  His old phone was not working well, he could not hear the phone ringing and so on.  Bullshit!

I had my share of experience with people asking me money.  Not necessarily from male therapists but from "friends" and co-workers.  

One thing I have learned from lending money is not to expect to get paid.  When you lend money to someone, it is like giving out money from your heart.  Ayaw na ug dahum ma bayaran ka pa.

If the person pays you back, then good.  If he does not, it is expected.  You lend money because you have extra money to loose or give away.  If you do not have money and you still lend money, be careful.  Ikaw pa hinoon ang mangutang kay wala kanay kuwarta.


  1. ang bayot pud dali ra ilaron. gitik gitikon lang gamay mo hatag na. these guys are only after one thing and that is your money. they will only care for you as long as you have money.

  2. So be careful... pahard to get sad tah panagsa... hehehe

  3. I once befriended a therapist. Okay pa sa sinugdanan pero pagkadugayan gapangutang na sa ako. At first it was just a few hundred pesos. Sugot lang ko kay bawion nalang daw sa masahe. Then he asked thousands of pesos. I asked him, para unsa mana? Motor daw 2nd hand iyang paliton. He wanted a motorcycle so he can service more clients and save money from taking habal-habal. It made sense to me. So I lent him the money kay makatigum daw sya ana ug kwarta ug makabayad gyud daw sya.

    As days became weeks, I did not hear anything from him. I kept on texting him, walay tubag. Finally he replied back but avoided my question regarding the motorcycle. After pressuring him to answer my question, he admitted that he used the money for other things. Wala daw na dayon ang pagbaligya sa motor. I was upset for what happened but what really pissed me off was he did not even said sorry.

    Weeks after that encounter, we met again for a massage session. He promised to make up for everything by giving me "free" extra services. Okay, unsa pa man akong mabuhat. A day after the massage, he sent me a text message. Kumusta daw ko? I told him I was fine and everything. He replied back, pwede ba daw makautang utro. This time I told him I had no more money to give. Dili ko bangko nga daghan kwarta. Since then I have not replied to his texts or calls. Bahala na siya sa iyang kinabuhi.

    So my advise to you gay or even straight people out there, do not lend money to therapists. Most of them are irresponsible in handling money. Mga one day millionaire. I think this is one reason why most Filipinos today are still poor. Most Filipinos do not know how to spend money correctly. Miski pila pa ka million ihatag nimo aning mga therapist, pagkahuman siguro sa usa ka tuig, hurot lang gihapon ang kwarta.