Thursday, July 28, 2016

I own a spa?

Some one recently posted a comment accusing me as the owner of Amarela Spa.  This is his or her comment at

For the past 5 years (August 1 is the 5th year anniversary of this blog!), I have reviewed several spas and including therapists.  So I also own all of them?  Especially Elysium nga gi sikat tungod sa ako?  Sus, kung akoy tag-iya sa Elysium, I would not share H sa inyong tanan! Hahahaha

How about Sanctuary Beautycare Spa?  I also own it because I recently gave them a very good recommendation?  (

Hayahay basad nako kung ako tag iya sa tanang spa nga akong gi review dinhi.

As for Amarela, I guess the person who made this comment has not read my previous reviews and comments of the spa. (

I have complained several times in the past years that their spa needs renovation.  It is my polite way of saying that their spa is worn down and smelly.

Basa basa kung naay time.  Here are links for you convenience.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Spam Inbox

Sorry kaayo.  Some comments were dumped in the spam inbox.  I was not able to see and approve it.  Some comments were posted last April.

Once again, sorry for this.  I will try to check the spam inbox every now and then.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Elysium Revisit

Its been a long I have not visited Elysium.  So I decided to check them out again.

I got "L" as my therapist.  L is a handsome guy, no doubt about it.  Fair light skin, around 5'4, full hair, lean body and a nice ass.  

His massage was average at best.  He cut short his massage when he saw I had a boner.  He immediately offered extra service.  When I asked about it, he had so many conditions.  He can't do this, he can't do that unless you pay him a certain amount.  It was exhausting.  In the end he jerked me off and that was it.  Nothing extra ordinary.

Sorry if I am not giving much details of my encounter with L.  It was disappointing that I did not even want to talk about it.  

Conclusion : 

Elysium has become Fai Thai.  All extra, no massage.

If you have a limited budget, L is not for you.  But even if you have the money I doubt L would satisfy your expectations.