Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Too public

I never go to a spa located in malls or a commercial complex.  I have discussed this before.  It is too "public" for me.

I had a bad experience before.  I think it was Body and Sole in Rosario Arcade.  Tambay tambay ka sa Rosario Strip or Arcade and then the therapist would pass by.  Okay lang mag hi and hello and so on, but for the therapist to tease you like you are already intimate buddies, winking at you, it feels uncomfortable.  Sorry we are not close friends.  I am not gullible enough to fall for your charms.

I hope you guys understand.  Do you guys also have bad experiences with masseurs?  Post your comment here.


  1. Naay ES sa body touch dha sa ketkai? Please share CDOMassage...
    Too public ba ang Sanctuary sa grand central?

  2. Asa naay ES for a straight guy nga mga arang2 ang baye?kasuway nako sa senses red fern duke.. ganhan pa unta ko makahibaw asa ang laen nga spa

  3. Unsa laen spa naay ES for a straight guy?
    kasuway nako sa senses duke red fern..bati man ng balik2.. ganahan ko ug laen2 para naay thrill

    1. Check post on Female Therapist. Daghan didto discussion sa female therapist ES.