Friday, February 17, 2017

Althea Revisted

Spa Review

I was with a straight friend and he decided to treat me to a massage.  Good!  Who does not want free stuff but then he decided to go to Althea.  Patay!  If you have read my last review on Althea the curtain partitions were quite thin.  I told my friend about it and he replied "Wala man sad tay daotan buhaton sa sulod.  Mag pa extra ka diay?" was frustrating but what can I do, siya man magbayad.

My friend got a female therapist while I got a male therapist.  By the way my straight friend knows I am gay, so it was not really an issue with him.  I asked for a more secluded area and the therapist obliged.

Then out of no where I saw Jeremy who was a therapist from Finest Thai.  He did not recognize me.

When I got in the cubicle I immediately checked the curtain partitions.  Makita gyud...I do not really have any choice.  So I waited for my therapist whose name I forgot.  I think his name was like "Ting" or something.

Ting was a lean guy, average height, no really my type.  The massage started and to my surprise it was fairly good.  The pressure was enough, hands glided well.  

He asked me if it was my first time in Althea.  I told him it was basically my 2nd time but it was a long time ago.  He then mentioned that he was also new to the spa and originally came from Finest Thai.  When he said Finest Thai, I was like...OMG! ES sure na! Hahahaha  Then I made the connection.  Jeremy also came from Finest Thai.

As usual when it came time to massage my hands, Ting tried to place it near his crotch.  Okay...but then someone went in the next cubicle.  I could see the shadow or silhouette of the guy clearly.  Then the therapist came in, maklaro gihapon.  I felt there was no privacy in the cubicle.

The massage continued but nothing happened, ES was not offered.  Even if it was offered I would not dare to do it with that thin curtain partition.  No!


If you are planing for a descent massage, Althea is fine but for ES?  And the place is packed with people?  I don't think so.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spam messages

First of all Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

I was not aware again that some messages were sent to the spam inbox of the blog and stupid of me it got all deleted.

I think there was a comment from GM of Cebu and another one from an anonymous.  Please post your comments again.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Former therapist

I was roaming around the mall and someone approached me.  At first I was confused but his face looks familiar.  "Sir, di ba sige ka ga pa massage ka sa spa (not telling which spa hehehe).  Ako to imong suki"  He then explained what happened before and it hit me!  Parang kahapon lang! LOL

I remembered him.  Yes he was my favored therapist (suki nga masahista) before I started blogging about spas in CDO.  He is a straight guy, fair skinned and average looking.  Dili pangit di pud gwapo but most of all he has manners.

He updated me what was going on with his life.  He is now working in the mall, married with kids and he is not keen in going back to the spa industry.  I was happy for him.  I told him that being a therapist now really sucks.  Literally you need to suck so you can earn a living.  Then I tried to recall how he gave me a massage and he just smiled and laughed about it.

When I first met him ES in the spa was not yet popular or common.  His massage was good.  I was impressed by him at that time.  It took several massage encounters before he offered me ES.  I was not sure back then but I said to myself why not accept the offer.  So it happened.  I think every month or 2 weeks I was there at the spa.  Until one day while he was giving me a massage he suddenly went down my balls.  I was like wait a minute....I did not ask for it and before I could react he went for the kill and sucked me.  Woooooo! I was like are you freaking sure?!  I was in a state of sexual shock!  If there was such a thing as sexual shock.  I could not believe what he was doing.  When I was about to cum I told him to pull out.  I did not want to cum in his mouth.  I felt it was too much for him.  Dili ko abusado nga tao.

He kept on doing it for several months until he suddenly disappeared.  One of his friends who was a therapist told me he left for another province and thanked me for being my suki.  I was really touched by it.  By the way, we never really exchanged numbers or went out.  He just disappeared from my life until today, charot! hahaha

So this time I gave him my number and he promised to text me back but I have no expectations.  He has his own life to live.  He has a family now and I would understand if he does not text me back (bitter ra kaayo ko hehehe).  I am glad I met him again.  He is still the same person before.  I wish him the best in life.