Wednesday, December 2, 2015

JR of Tatsujin

I was out with a friend and was about to go home.  Since Tatsujin (Velez branch) was just around the corner, I decided to get a massage.  Swedish massage was still at 190 Pesos.

The name of the therapist was J.R. (JayR).  He was around 5'4 inches tall (162 cm), bulky body frame (above average), fair skinned, ordinary facial features.  Okay lang.

When I went in the cubicle, I did not remove my underwear.  I wanted to see how the massage would progress with or without my underwear.

The massage started great.  He was hitting the right spots on my back.  He partly removed my underwear to give my behind a massage.  So far so good.  When he unceremoniously removed my underwear, the massage went downhill.

He was now using one hand to massage my leg.  He was just squeezing my leg, slapping it a bit and a few seconds later, he was done.  Next leg, it got worst.  I approximate that he was done with both of my legs in a minute or a minute an a half.  Now based on my experience, each leg should be massaged for at least 3 minutes.  That is 6 minutes for both legs minimum.  I did not anymore complain.  I was just observing him.

As soon as I turned over, he started giving my thighs a massage, brushing my cock with his hands.  Just a few squeeze there and here, he gave my chest a massage and without missing a beat, he whispered to me "pa extra service ka sir?"  Take note, he has not even massaged my arms yet.

He asked for 1,000 Pesos.  Maghubo daw siya ug mag pagawas.  Sorry, I do not have that money with me.  So I said 500 Pesos is what I can afford.  So he agreed to give me a handjob.  While he was giving me a handjob, I observed he was trying to move away from me.  He intentionally moved so I could not touch him.  BULL SHIT!  I moved a bit, grabbed his belt and shoved my hand in his pants!  I was so pissed.  

Before the massage started I took note of the time and checked again after the massage/extra service was done.  Based on the time, the massage and extra service lasted only for 40 minutes.  Very typical of masseurs who are only after extra service and nothing else.

To conclude my review of JayR, all I can say is he is just after your money.  No money, no service. As in wala gyud, miski masahe naman lang.  So if you are like me on a budget, do not hire him.  You are just wasting your time and money with him.  You can find a better masseur.  However if you have the money to spend on him, go ahead but 1,000 Pesos is still expensive, considering that he would not suck you and you don't get to fuck him.  Based on my experience in Cebu at 1,000 Pesos I got to hire a masseur who sucked me and I got to fuck him good, of course with a condom.


  1. Where in Cebu if I may ask? Gapa presyo manang mga masseur diri sa CdO imbis mao nooy mga maot ug dagway. I also experienced many times sa Cebu and it's way cheaper. Below 500 and maghubo na sila all the way.

    1. Actually pa presyo gihapon sa Cebu but because of stiff competition some are lowering their rates. The guy I hired in Cebu is a freelance therapist that a friend of mine recommended. Daghan gihapon binuang didto Cebu so you need to be careful.

  2. Can I have the number of the freelance masseur.

    1. Hi Ron. Right now I do not allow posting of numbers in this blog especially for freelance therapists.

    2. Got your message and I wont post it here. I used to post numbers of freelance masseurs in the Featured Masseur page but I removed it for several reasons.