Monday, June 12, 2017

Fai Thai Velez Branch Review

Spa Review

Finally went back to Fai Thai along Velez Street.  It has been a long time.

The receptionist was pitching to me their expensive massages but I said no thanks, I wanted the cheapest massage.

I was assigned to a therapist named J.D.  I was asked to sit as usual and wait for my therapist.  When he showed up I was like...damn!  He was tall, well built, but the face was just okay.  Not really my type.  However if you add everything up, he has that appeal.

After the customary foot wash, I was told to proceed to my cubicle.

I took note of the time and did not remove my underwear.  Again I wanted to see how far this guy would go.

The massage was a bit rough.  No finesse.  Later on I asked the receptionist and he told me he was still new to the job.  No wonder.

While he was giving me a massage, he was breathing heavily.  He was like out of breath.  Later did I also know he was a smoker.  He went outside for a smoke after the massage.

He basically sat on my legs and I could feel his tight and firm tights.  I was loving it.

As the massage progressed, he asked me the usual questions..."first time pa nimo dinhi sir" and so on.

To cut the story short.  The entire massage including the hot towel rub was around 50 to 55 minutes.  No ES was offered.

Some of you might say "sayang".  That I should have insisted of getting ES but again, if no offer was made I would not insist.


Would I get JD again?  Probably but a few months from now when he has more experience in massage.  Kulang pa ug experience.