Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Response to Mahumpay

This is my response to a comment posted by an "Anonymous" person who I believe is connected with Mahumpay Spa.

(  First of all I did NOT ask for ES, I NEVER asked for it.  I always wait for the therapist to offer it.  Kung naa, good, kung wala, okay ra.  I have said this over and over in the blog, I am after a good massage, ES is just extra, it is not a deal breaker.  If you do not know the term "not a deal breaker" go Google it.

Since we are already in the topic of ES.....FYI, I did not mention this in the article but I could clearly hear a squishing sound of a cock being masturbated or sucked in the adjacent cubicle.  Since when do you hear a squishing/pounding/stroking sound while you are being given a massage?  Also the clients at that time were mostly old gay men....go figure out what they want.

The real ISSUE here is the BEHAVIOR of your therapist who just LEFT ME in the room for several minutes without telling me that the massage service was over.  Kinsa bay tarong nga therapist nga mubuhat ana?  If you read the comments on the article, there was another person who had the same complaint.  Clearly I am not the only person who experienced this.  

You claim that Mahumpay Spa is one of the most professional spa in CDO? Was April Fools Day moved to September?  Instead of apologizing for the behavior of your therapist, you defend their mistakes.  It is quite obvious your spa is just trying to make money and not put your customers interest ahead.

Do not bother to reply to this article or post another advertisement in my blog (yes, that valentines promo or something), I will never approve it.


  1. i agree with you, Mahumpay is just covering the reality, too defensive and too arrogant , stop hiding the reality, Mahumpay also open another branch by named it differently infornt of East West Bank, hahahahaha...
    I agree too, i was able to experience the massage attendant leaving me without informing me na humana ug massage, SO BASTOS, and besides hugaw ang BAHO ila towel...such an old massage spa pa, like an old boarding house...
    stop defending the reality, as if you are the best and professional spa in CDO, excuse me, you ared a trying hard SPA OPERATOR better open a branch in DAMILAG BUKIDNON...

    please a friendly and honest advise, nag operate inyo SPA sa CITY , ayaw intawon ug BINUKID ug INATO ang style , if dili pa ninyo kaya diri sa CITY uli mo ug BUKID...stop too defensive, customers now are educate they have a taste and a class to choose.....dont expect us to patronize your dirty and extra service after SPA....

  2. FINALLY! The person who anonymously posted the comment admits to be connected with Mahumpay. The spa recently sent a response to this article (as I have said I will not approve it) and they want to talk to me regarding the issue. Too late. First of all, I HATE spas or masseurs pretending to be "satisfied" clients, unya sila raman diay to. A lie is a lie. Secondly, I HATE people who tries to twist stories or issues. The issue is the therapist, not me. Why put the blame on me? Lastly, I HATE people who makes mistakes but refuses to apologize. You are too arrogant to even say "sorry". So what is there to talk about? I have already explained my side. Naa na sa inyo unsay inyong buhaton aning mga comments sa blog. You either use this to attack me or find a solution to improve your spa services. Reminds me of the comments posted in a recent article I made about spa issues in CDO.

  3. agree with you too.... as if they own a clean and descent spa....excuse me....i know what they are doing ..better BOYCOTT that SPA, stop hiding on the reality better accept and be open for changes ....simply as that...

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  5. Kaluoy Mahumpay Spa.
    You have messed with thr wrong person.

    We're at your back cdomassage.....
    Dakung pasalamat namu sa imuha Cdomassage kay kung wala ni imu blog, dili mi makabalo sa kalakaran anang mga bukot bukot na spa. two hands up ko sa imuha. Moo sikat ni imu blog ug daghan follower tungod sa imung honest critic ug walay bias na review sa spa. Its a great help gani in some way sa amua na curious o ka duwa duwa sa spa, may nalang naa ni as amu reference. Keep up the good work, Haters gonna hate.

  6. nasayop man mo tanan dri dili mana mahumpay spa oy taka lang mo ang tinood MAHUGAW SPA.dont worry ilisan rana nila ang title ana.ok have peace welcome to MAHUGAW SPA.