Saturday, September 17, 2016

Masahista advertising in Planet Romeo

Someone sent me a message in the blog, asking me about "male therapists" advertising in Planet Romeo.  Are they safe?

My answer to this is I do not know.  They might be legitimate or not.  However based on accounts in the past from Cagayan de Oro users of Planet Romeo, theft was rampant.

So here is my full advise to Mr. Anonymous (whoever you are)

1.  Take necessary precaution when dealing with these so called online "masahista".

2.  If their profile does not have a photo, it is obvious that there is something wrong.  Why hire someone that you do not even recognize or know the face?  I have gone through that experience before.  Kasagara pangit ang therapist kung walay picture.

3.  We already have webcams.  Why not chat online using a webcam?  Anyone can copy a photo online and pretend to be someone else.

4.  It is strange when the "masahista" asks you first for a photo.  Si kinsa man siya nga mag demand sa client?  Why is the "masahista" demanding for your photo?  What for? Para unsa?  Unless you are a gay "masahista" looking for a hot client.  Besides, your photo might be used by the "masahista" for illegal purposes.

5.  Always ask from friends for recommendations or research online.  You can find a lot of things online kung dili ka lang tapulan mo research.  Unsa bay pulos sa Google search engine?