Thursday, January 14, 2016

CDO spa updates as of January 2016

Just to inform people that Red Fern has changed their name to Amarela Massage Spa.

Its the same Red Fern Spa, same management, same native tribal interior decor but a new name.

Also I learned recently that Sentara (near Pearlmont Inn) and Shanti (near Loretos) no longer has male therapists.

Does anyone know why they removed all of their male therapists?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Zen Spa

I was walking along De Kalsada going to Divisoria when I passed by Zen Spa (A. Velez corner San Agustin Streets).  Again I remembered someone mentioned about Zen Spa, so With my stiff neck bothering me, I decided to check out the place.

Their Swedish massage was 250 Pesos for 1 hour.  The spa is quite small.  I think they only have 6 small cubicles.  The curtain partitions were a bit thin and did not cover well the cubicle.  Luckily I was the only customer at that time.  Kay kung daghan tao, murag makita gyud ko sa sulod kay dili mu sira ug maayo ilang curtina.

I did not have the intention to get ES.  So I wore the shorts provided by the spa and did not bother asking the name of the male therapist.

The massage started well, the therapist kept on asking me if the pressure was right.  Everything was going well until he started pressing my foot on his crotch.  Here we go.

I did not react or anything.  Then after finishing my legs he went around my head.  He was pushing his crotch on my head while trying to massage my back and behind.   Oh my.  Paningkamot gyud diha dong.

Then when I turned over, he massaged again my legs, pushing my foot on his crotch.  And then finally he massaged my hand and arms.  This time he sat beside me and placed my hand right on his crotch.  Dam!  I felt a boner, which also gave me a boner as well.

I had to control myself.  Again, the curtains did not cover well the cubicle.  Makita gyud sa gawas and most of all I did not have plans for ES.

So the massage ended with me having to walk outside with a bulge in my pants hahahaha

In conclusion, 250 Pesos for a spa with small cubicles and curtains that does not close well is a bit expensive for me. If you are the only customer, it might work well for you if you want ES but if there are other people, maglisod gyud.  The bed foam was a bit thin and uncomfortable.  If you are a big guy, I don't know if it is enough to cushion your entire body.

Would I go back there for another massage?  Maybe if there are no other options kay puno ang ubang spa.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Policy changes to the blog

FYI, I have decided to make some policy changes to this blog to keep everything in order.  Murag naay mga tao dinhi nga pabadlong.

I will no longer allow person ads in this blog.  If you are looking for hook up or just sex, this is not the blog for you.  This blog is for discussion on spas or massage related topics.  I will still answer some questions not related to spas or massage but it will be limited.

There are male therapists whose names are banned from this blog.  They are notorious for advertising themselves online and sometimes with the help of their patrons or "suki".  I know who you are.  I am also reading other blogs and keeping myself updated.  I have already discussed this issue before.  This is not your personal blog!  I do not make money out of this blog!  Wala intawon koy kwarta o butang makuha ani but only the satisfaction that I am helping other people discuss what they are passionate about.  One thing I hate the most are people taking advantage of my generosity or kindness.

All comments posted in this blog are moderated.  It needs my approval.  Do not keep on resending your comments.  I have also noticed that some comments are being sent to the Spam inbox.  Please bear with me.

I am doing my best to keep this blog updated, relevant and genuine para kita tanan malingaw ug malipay.  Expect more changes later on.  Thanks for supporting this blog and making this number 1 in Google search!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Delete this blog?

This is my message to the person who wants this blog deleted.

First of all, welcome to the digital age where everything is now openly discussed online.  Wala kay mabuhat ana.  I am not the only blog or site discussing extra services in spas.  Naa pay nakauna sa ako ug igo lang ko gi sunod.  Naa pa gani'y Facebook group nga ga storya bahin therapist ug ES.  They discuss everything from names, numbers and other details.  

While other sites are all about extra services, in this blog I try my best to promote respect and responsibility among clients and therapists.  Respect begets respect!  Check out the article I made last November 28, 2013.  Aside from that I also made an article advising spa clients on what to do in spas and how to properly deal with therapists.  Kibalo ko naay mga bastos nga client, pero naa pud mga bastos nga therapist.  Mao ng naghimo ko ani nga blog.  Click on Spa and Masseur Advise page found on the upper portion of this blog.

In one of my comments here, I expressed my concerns for therapists.  I advised some therapists to find better jobs.  In my opinion, walay kaugmaon sa pag therapist.  Pero kibalo ka unsay gi tubag sa ako sa mga therapist?  Mas dako daw kwarta sa pag therapist kay sa mu trabaho sa kompanya.  I was puzzled by this.  If you are young, being a therapist is an advantage but once you reach 27 years old, sorry ka nalang.  People might not hire you anymore.  By then you are also too old to get a job in a company.  Kasagara ang kompanya mu hire ug tao below 26 years old.  So my question now it my fault that they refuse to find a more descent job?

At one time I tried to help a therapist financially.  He told me that he wants go into a "business" or something and he would pay me back later on.  But did you know what he did with the money?  Gi sugal sa kagwang.  He gambled it.  Someone told me about it and I was so pissed.   Whats worst, he tried to contact me again because he needed money.  Kabaga sa iyang dagway nga mangutang na pud.  I do not have time for people who does not HELP themselves.  Karon ako ang galisod ug kwarta!  Maayo ba na?

In regards to extra services, I don't usually ask for it.  I wait for the therapist to offer it.  One time I did not want extra service but the therapist insisted that I get one.  As in namugos na sa ako.  Read my article on Lumbago Spa.  In the first place, he started pushing my hands on his dick.  I did not ask for it.  I did not want it.  I even said NO.  Ang therapist man ang nagsugod ug hatag malisya sa massage. So who is desperate?  Me or the therapist?

If a therapist does not give me extra service, it is not a deal breaker for me.  Wala gyud koy problema ana.  I already mentioned this in my Mahumpay Spa article.  Kung naay extra, then good.  Kung wala, okay ra pud.

Mr. Anonymous or whoever you are, you might feel like a saint for preaching good morals and values in this blog but lets get real, not all therapists are like you and that is why this blog exists.  So stop waving your all mighty hands to everyone in this blog.  You might as well do that to your therapist friends.  Tell them to STOP what they are doing and get descent jobs.  Basin maminaw pa sila sa imo kay sa ako.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Back from a vacation

I just got back from a short vacation.  I unmoderated the blog for a few days thinking that everyone would behave while I was away.  Wow...pabadlong gyud mo.

I have moderated the blog again.  I will deal with you later whoever you are complaining about this blog.  Basa basa pud diha sa mga karaan nga comments ug articles kay mauwawan ka gyud nako dinhi.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

CDO Massage chatroom

Can anyone suggest a chatroom widget for this blog?  I want this blog to be more interactive.  Any suggestions?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Another year has passed.  Thank you!  Thank you for your comments and support!  I highly appreciate it.

Wishing everyone peace, happiness and prosperity in 2016!

And of course since most of you would probably get a massage after the new years celebration....don't forget to share your experiences here in the blog :D