Spa and Masseur Advice

Here are some of my advise on how to deal with massage therapists:

First of all, we have to respect the privacy of these masseurs.  Be discreet about it.  Do not post their face pics online unless with their permission.

Take a bath before getting a massage.  Wash thoroughly your private parts including your asshole.  You do not want the masseur sticking his fingers near your ass and then suddenly get a big stinky surprise.

If you want to know the cellphone number of a masseur, ask the masseur personally not the spa management.  Go to the spa, get the masseur and ask his number.  Common sense dictates that the spa management will never give you the cellphone numbers of their massage therapist.  If they give out the numbers, most of the customers will no longer go to the spa.

Do not immediately ask for extra service (if possible).  Test other masseurs in the spa and when you find the right one, then be his loyal customer or "suki".

Tipping is required.  Massage therapists only earn through commissions per massage and tips.  If you do not like the service, then do not tip.  I usually give around 40 or 50 Pesos for an average massage (no ES, only regular massage).  60 to 100 Pesos if the massage is really that good (no ES, only regular massage).

If the spa masseur asks you if you want extra service, ask the rate before saying yes.  If the masseur says "ikaw na bahala sir"  tell him your preferred rate.  Negotiate the rate but do not do it too much that it might already offend the masseur. 

For freelance masseurs (hotel and home service only), some ask for 1,500 Pesos or more for extra service (massage not yet included).  1,500 Pesos is expensive even by Manila standards.  Unless you look like Adonis with all the muscles and face to go with it, then probably you are worth that much.  But for Cagayan de Oro, the asking rate should range around 500 to 1,000 Pesos maximum.

And most of all, do not act like a desperate person!  Sometimes out of desperation you do things that might endanger yourself and the masseurs job.  So be calm and enjoy the massage.