Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fai Thai Corrales branch revisted

I have not gone to Fai Thai Divisoria or Corrales branch for a long time (almost 2 years).  Most of their therapist are only after extra service.  Instead of giving you a 1 hour massage, they cut it short and offer immediately extra service.  So I decided to stop going there.  I am not getting my moneys worth.

I decided to give Fai Thai a chance.  Its been a long time.   Maybe they have hired better masseurs.  So I went to Fai Thai Corrales branch.  Their Swedish massage is still 180 Pesos.  The massage therapist assigned to me was a tall guy around 173 cm or 5'8".  He looked well built and good looking (in the dark cubicle? hehehe).

The massage started very well.  I was quite impressed.  I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.  He had good hands.

When I turned over, within seconds he offered me extra service.  Seriously?!  I was so satisfied with the massage that I was not thinking of extra service.  It was disappointing.  Fai Thai has not changed at all.

Would I suggest Fai Thai Corrales branch to people?  I don't know.  I am conflicted.  The therapist was quite good but he gave me a massage for only 30 minutes ( I paid for a 1 hour massage).  Sayang.

By the way, the spa air conditioner was not working well at that time.  It was warm inside the spa.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Response to Mahumpay

This is my response to a comment posted by an "Anonymous" person who I believe is connected with Mahumpay Spa.

(  First of all I did NOT ask for ES, I NEVER asked for it.  I always wait for the therapist to offer it.  Kung naa, good, kung wala, okay ra.  I have said this over and over in the blog, I am after a good massage, ES is just extra, it is not a deal breaker.  If you do not know the term "not a deal breaker" go Google it.

Since we are already in the topic of ES.....FYI, I did not mention this in the article but I could clearly hear a squishing sound of a cock being masturbated or sucked in the adjacent cubicle.  Since when do you hear a squishing/pounding/stroking sound while you are being given a massage?  Also the clients at that time were mostly old gay men....go figure out what they want.

The real ISSUE here is the BEHAVIOR of your therapist who just LEFT ME in the room for several minutes without telling me that the massage service was over.  Kinsa bay tarong nga therapist nga mubuhat ana?  If you read the comments on the article, there was another person who had the same complaint.  Clearly I am not the only person who experienced this.  

You claim that Mahumpay Spa is one of the most professional spa in CDO? Was April Fools Day moved to September?  Instead of apologizing for the behavior of your therapist, you defend their mistakes.  It is quite obvious your spa is just trying to make money and not put your customers interest ahead.

Do not bother to reply to this article or post another advertisement in my blog (yes, that valentines promo or something), I will never approve it.