Thursday, November 19, 2015

No Personal Ads

No one is anymore allowed to post cellphone numbers of massage therapist in this blog.  No personal ads.

All comments in this blog are reviewed before being posted online.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

POLL : Which massage style do you prefer?

After days of polling, a total of 17 people participated.  The question was "which massage style do you prefer?"

70% of those polled said that they prefer Sensual massage, followed by Swedish massage at 47%.

Why did I even asked hahahaha it is so obvious people here would prefer sensual massage.

Thanks so much for participating in the poll.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Too public

I never go to a spa located in malls or a commercial complex.  I have discussed this before.  It is too "public" for me.

I had a bad experience before.  I think it was Body and Sole in Rosario Arcade.  Tambay tambay ka sa Rosario Strip or Arcade and then the therapist would pass by.  Okay lang mag hi and hello and so on, but for the therapist to tease you like you are already intimate buddies, winking at you, it feels uncomfortable.  Sorry we are not close friends.  I am not gullible enough to fall for your charms.

I hope you guys understand.  Do you guys also have bad experiences with masseurs?  Post your comment here.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Elysium Spa revisited - Dexter

I went back to Elysium to try a new masseur.

Dexter was the name of my therapist.  Dark skinned, average height around 5'4 and very lean guy, a twink.

Anyway, got into the cubicle, stripped naked and waited.  The massage did not start well.  I felt it was a bit too slow and calculated.  It was like he recently memorized the massage routine and applied on me.  An expert masseur would just glide his hands over your body like butter hehehehe

As usual, when it came time for the hand massage, he tried pushing my hand on his crotch.

He then massaged my legs and when he reached my groin area, he asked me "ato ni massage?" putting his hands close to my cock.  At first I could not hear what he was saying.  He asked for 1,000 Pesos.  Maghubo daw siya.  If he was handsome and fit, I would probably say yes but he was not.  I told him I did not bring enough money.  Just jerk me off for 500 Pesos.

When he started jerking me off, I was not really impressed.  I came but I did not really enjoyed the sensation.

Anyway, the massage including extra service was exactly 1 hour.

To my surprise, Dexter asked me if he could get his tip before I get out of the cubicle.  So while I was dressing up, he was in the cubicle, waiting for his tip.  I was pissed off. Can't he just wait outside the cubicle?

I would not recommend Dexter.  Thumbs down.