Thursday, May 11, 2017

Forest Spa

Forest Spa

Yacapin Street (just across City Central School)

Near MoonsBar.  If I am not mistaken the area used to be Kings Motor Parts.

Google Map,124.6462222,20z

Street Parking.  Not an issue at night

Contact Number

Spa Operation
1:00pm to 12:00 midnight

Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hot Stone

My Spa Review

While I was walking around City Central School I spotted this new spa.

So I went in and inquired about their services.  Their Swedish massage costs around 250 Pesos while their Shiatsu is 280 Pesos.

Looking around the interior the place looked familiar.  Where have I seen this unfortunate decor?  They tried to imitate the "Forest" ambiance with plastic leaves and hanging vines.

There was no foot bath.  I was immediately asked to go to my cubicle in the 2nd floor.  The 2nd floor door was just a rough plywood door like they just placed there for the sake of it.  When I opened the door, there was more of the unfortunate decor.  More plastic leaves and hanging vines attached to a thin wire.  The floor was covered with plastic linoleum.  

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I was told to enter the cubicle and then I realized that the place actually looked like Mahumpay!  It was tragic.  Murag boarding house nga gi himo lang basta maka kwarta lang ang tag iya.

The cubicle curtain partitions were hung by a thin wire.  Just wires!  And the bed foam?  It was so thin that I could feel the hard plywood pressing on my entire body.  They could not even afford to patch up the other side of the wall.  You could see the wall support from the other side.

To add insult to injury, the massage was bad.  I did not like it.  I think it was also the bed that was really making the massage uncomfortable.

I wanted the massage to end so I could get out of the place.


They were charging people 250 Pesos and the spa looks like a cheap boarding house.  It was not worth my time and money.

A spa is supposed to be a place to relax.  That includes visual stimulation and relaxation.  How can you relax when all you can see are roughly patched up wood partitions and decor that were placed just for the sake of it.  Basta basta nalang gi himo para lang tawagon nga spa.


  1. ahahaha unsay naka-forest ani?

  2. yes actually, where is the justice here? For 250 please have courage and elegance to compensate the 250 or massage , nag anha ka diha to be relax and please make the ambiance worth it...
    FOREST SPA, lasang gyud lasang sa ka cheap..

    binaboy na SPA! actually pang HAMPAS LUPA, owner is just after for MONEY not thinking for the comfort of their clients ....

    BAN this SPA..binaboy kaayo...

  3. Forest spa is not recommended... Kung magpa massage mo ayaw mo dira, masayang lang ang inyong 250...

  4. you shouldnt say comments like that because i feel sad for the owner..they are just doing there would u feel if ur business is losing due to informal bad rating of others.saying ur own opinion is enough but discouraging other people? it's, just saying...

    1. Is this comment addressed to me or to the Anonymous person on May 12, 1:52am?

      I have gone to many spas in CDO including in Manila and Cebu. I can easily distinguish a good from a bad spa. Go to Sentara, Touch n Heal, Nuat Thai and even La Cabana and tell me if Forest Spa is worthy of the name Spa? Fai Thai or Finest Thai has better facilities than Forest Spa and they only charge 200 Pesos for their basic massage.

    2. & guest(s) are entitled on their opinion based sa ilang experience & this is nice also para ma warn ang uban

    3. I agree! Tinuod baya that guest are entitled to their own opinion which is based on their experience.It hurts to see nga naai guest nga wa ma ganahi sa iyahang experience, dapat mao nay hatagan ug importansya . Ang uban man gud business owner kay ga huna2 lang nga naai business.wala ba gi studyhan ug tarong kung unsa ng ilang gi sudlan nga negosyo. Maong naai feasibility study (correct me for the spelling) kay para mu guide sa mga tao nga nag plan mu put up ug business. They should learn every single detail for business kay in the end sila ra gihapon ma apektuhan kung naai mga palpak sa ilang gi put up na business. Sayang lang ang ilang mga effort.

  5. Admin! Try to revisit Metta and look for Jemmuel. I have a good massage service experience with him.

    1. hapak hapak ra man na iya. dili gani mu abot 1 hour ang massage.

  6. Mao ba? Cguro ato na time bag o pa sya. I think 2 or 3 times ko naka encounter sa iya before.ok man kaau iyang service. Cguro pud kay daan na, kabalo na mu diskarte.

  7. I been visited Forest Spa 5 times pero okay nman services nila..Baka naman business owner ka din kaya nagkakaganyan ka! Sorry ha but im just only telling the truth.. Hindi kasi maganda na manira sa kapwa... Kung hindi lang cguro ako regular client don, mapaniwala mo na din ako.. Hindi naman lahat ng tao kaya natin e pleased eh, kaya lang kung purely massage lang talaga hanap mo, mas mae recommend ko nman ang Forest Spa.

    1. I have been accused of owning a spa before and I already answered that issue last year. Basa basa kung naa kay oras. Manira sa kapwa? Hahaha Since when is telling the truth a sin? And by the way, you are from CDO right? Ngano man gyud mag tinagalog? Speaking to me in Tagalog does not make you sound intelligent and better. Stick to the issue. The issue is the spa. The interior decor looks cheap and the massage is relatively expensive compared to other spas in CDO. Sa gi ingon na nako, pila na ka spa akong gi sudlan dinhi sa Cagayan ug uban pang lugar (Manila ug Cebu). Kibalo ko unsay spa nga tsada ug pangit. And that is the very reason why people read and support this blog.

    2. naka adto pud akong amigo didto. katong female therapist ni handle sa iya okay ra daw massage pero ang bed grabe ka nipis ang foam. ang design sa sulod dili masabtan nga murag project sa grade 1.