Sunday, July 5, 2015

Featured Masseur for paid advertisement

I have totally deleted all information in the Featured Masseur page.  However I recently decided not to the delete the page but instead offer this page to masseurs who wants to advertise their services here.  Payment is required!  You can not just advertise here for free.

I will post later on the payment details.  If you are interested, just post a comment here.  Do not worry, no one will see your comment or message.  Again all comments in this blog would need my approval first.

Thanks for supporting this blog.


  1. Sex! Massage! Extra service! Money! Lies! Users! Karma!
    Yan ang mga nalearn ko this day! Pera lng ang kailangan s atin ng mga masseurs! Callboys! At iba pang USERS!
    After nila makuha ang gusto nila ay iiwanan k rin nla. Yung iba nga ay tataguan ka tlga nila. Mgpapadala k ng pera pra sa advance payment pro lolokuhin ka rin nya! Grabe sila! Mga manggagamit! Mga manloloko!
    Ayaw ko na lng sila pangalanan kc ang KARMA na ang bahala sknla!
    Sinusumpa ko na simula sa araw na ito ay buburahin ko na sila s buhay ko!
    Ayaw ko na! Ayaw ko na!
    Sana makakuha kau ng lessons s mga nangyari sa akin!
    Bullshit kaung mga USERS! ABUSERS!

    1. Dugay naman ni nga issue. Daghan kaayo nga mga masahista nga tonto dinhi CDO. That is why I created the Featured Masseurs in order to find masseurs that are good and descent in CDO. Unfortunately in the past years, I found it difficult to find good masseurs. Even those I included in the Featured Masseurs before did not live up to my expectations. Provide us the names of these masseurs. Kung dili nimo isulti ang pangalan, murag walay hinungdan ang imong reklamo

  2. Hi can you give me number of a good maseur wjo catets extra service? Kanang buotan

    1. If you want home or hotel service, wala nakoy mahatag pa. I already deleted the Featured Masseur page. For spa services daghan imong ma pilian. Just review the previous blog topics.

  3. Hello Anonymous July25. I have also experienced a hotel-service masseur like what you described. After we agreed on a date and time, a few minutes later he asked for a cash advance. Then I politely replied that I'd rather pay after the service. He just replied "Ok Sir!" then I didn't hear from him again. Murag nanglood :-) Wala ra man pud ko namugos but I informed him that since wala na siya reply sa akong reminder the day before, I consider it as a cancellation of the appointment. The time and date passed and I never heard from him. But a few hours later, he texted and apologized that his phone was defective. Tinood kaha?

    Better for them to get upset than us getting duped :-)

  4. He was asking money in advance? That is strange. Unsa na? Pay as you order? hahahaha That is definitely a scam. Anonymous, sakto na imong gi buhat. Kung dili sya mu tubag, cancel the appointment. Dead ma! That is what I also do. I am not a desperate person. Kung dili ka....dili sad ko. Si kinsa kaman nga akong sayangan?