Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

2017 has finally ended.  I survived!  2017 was a year of great reviews and drama.  So what do you want to see in CDO Massage for 2018?  Post your comments.  Tanawon nato ug makaya nato hehehe.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Despite the recent tragic storm that hit Mindanao I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Thank you for supporting CDO Massage!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Amarela - Carmen

My Spa Review

My previous visit and review to Amarela - Divisoria made me think of Amarela - Carmen.  It has been a long time I have not revisited Amarela - Carmen and of course get a massage from Mr. J.  (See my 2015 review of Red Fern - Carmen branch which is now renamed Amarela -

It was another cool night as I went to Amarela - Carmen.  As I entered the reception area it was decorated again with this Balinese Buddhist decor.  It was nice and the smell of the spa was much improved!  There is still that slight smell of wood and bamboo but not like before.  It was just awful.

Since I was already in Amarela - Carmen I asked the receptionist for Mr. J.  "Sir, available si Mr. J".  So I waited for Mr. J. and there he came with a bowl of hot water for my feet.  Still the same Mr. J with the chinito looks, fair light skin and a bit healthier than the last time I saw him.  Gi alimahan gyud ug maayo hehehehe

After the customary footwash, I was lead to the cubicle.  Again some renovations were made and the place smells better.  Still a bit of the wooden or bamboo smell.  However I had again an issue with their curtain partitions.  It was a bit thin and the light from the outside was quite bright.  The bed is quite small.  Not sure if it was designed for adults or children.  The bed foam was a bit thin.

So I undress and this time all naked.  This is Mr. J so I knew what I am getting into.  Before the massage started I told him that I have this backache.  Could he do something about it.  "Sige Sir" he replied back to me.  "Dili ka man sad kaha high blood Sir?"  I replied back "Dili man".

Let me tell you this, his hands glided with the oil.  He had soft hands.  I forgot how soft his hands were.   He started pressing on my back, those tight spots.  It felt good.  At this point I did not really cared if I get ES or not.  I was just enjoying the back massage.   His hands were moving back and forth on my back like a brush stroke.  He soon went down to my thigh.  Those fingers glided through and when he reached my balls, he intentionally caressed it and went for my cock underneath my body!  Damn! Naka ubo ko gamay!  Murag naka physical exam ko kadyot.

By the time I turned around I was already erect to the bones!  I was ready for anything he wanted to do to me and so he did.  As he was giving my thigh a massage and his hands would brush on my now erect cock and tease it.  It was just too much for me.  I should also tell you guys that I have not jerked off for over a week.  It was really sensitive hahahaha.  He did the same on my other thigh.  Then he took my hands but I hesitated in pressing it against his body.  However my fingers seemed to have its own life.  It wanted to reach out and touch him hahahaha

So he moved and position on my head.  He removed the blanket from my chest and folded it up to my crotch area.  Usually therapist do not give a full chest massage but he did it and it was just delightful.  His hands moved up and down over my chest to my groin and around my cock.  Then he started teasing my nipples with his fingers!  Then it hit me.  I remembered how he teased my nipples the last time I was there.  The sensation was just too much!  Fucking too much that I had to grab his hand told him to slow down.  "Sir di ka ganahan?" he asked me.  I replied back "grabe ka gilok nga lami nga di ko kasabot".

With that done and my whole body now exposed and naked on the table, I had to ask first (which I don't usually do), "ES"?  He replied back "Ikaw sir".  I told him "1,000 Pesos".  Basta gani pasko, I give a higher tip.  Ika lipay baya sad nila.  He nodded and went near to my groin.

He lathered his hands with oil and started to give my cock and balls a massage.  Fuck! The sensation was just too much for me.  It felt ticklish and more.  My cock was too sensitive at that time.  He was playing my dick head with his fingers, rubbing it lightly on the underside.   I could not stand the sensation that I had to basically get up a bit and see what the fuck was he doing.  Finally held my cock with his two hands.  Is he going to make fire out of my penis?!  Hahahaha it felt good that I wanted to get off soon.  And soon did came early, too early!  I could no longer hold it that I came blasting away.

What a relief.  He then made a comment "daghan pud sir"  Some of the cum dripped off my body.  It was a satisfying massage and ES.  He went out, got a hot towel and I got dressed.

As I went out I gave him his money.  Greeting were exchanged and off I went.


My experience in Amarela - Carmen verifies that Mr. J still gives a good massage.  Actually my backache has somewhat disappeared.  The ES still good.  No complaints.

The spa has ample parking space outside especially in the evening.  It is also accessible to jeepneys and taxis.  Not much a problem.  The spa interior needs some improvement and before I forget, it was a bit warm inside.  When you enter the spa, they just had a fan and on the 2nd floor I think only one air conditioner was on and a fan to oscillate the air.

I have heard some people say they do not like Mr. J's massage.  Maybe its just me or they want a different style of massage.  Who knows.  As I have said before each person has his own preference.

Amarela - Carmen is still worth your time.  Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Amarela - Divisoria


Amarela used to be Red Fern.  It recently transferred to what used to be the Librewry Cafe in front of Sentro 1850.

My Spa Review

The night was cool and it was that time of the year.  As I passed by Divisoria I decided to get a massage.  Essential Spa was on my mind but then I remembered Amarela.  I have not tried their new spa location.  So off I went to Amarela.

Thankfully they had a huge lighted signage outside.  Their location was squeezed in between two big establishments.  You might miss it if you do not look around closely.   

As I entered the spa, it had a Balinese Buddhist inspired interior decor.  It was nice.  The massage services and rates were basically the same, nothing much has changed with the spa except for the location and interiors.

I was not particular who my therapist was going to be so I decided to let the receptionist decide my faith.  The receptionist called on Mr. R. who was this slim and young looking guy but face value was not my type.  Not sure if he was moreno or not but I think he had a darker skin complexion.  Quite difficult to determine with the barely lit lights.

After the customary foot wash, I was lead into the cubicle.  The lights were a bit bright that I could see through the curtain partitions.  Not really a fan of thin partitions.

So I decided to undress to my underwear and lay on my chest.  Patiently waiting for Mr. R to come in and begin the massage.  A few minutes later Mr. R came in the started the massage.

It started well.  Nothing really to talk about.  Since I was in my underwear and I have not taken my haircut and all, I might have looked too "straight".  Probably one reason why he was a bit cautious in giving me a massage.

Of course when it was time to turn over and lay on my back, the fun part began.  I was now fully exposed.  As Mr. R started giving my thigh a good rubbing, blood rushed through my groin.  The monster was waking up from its deep slumber! Hahahaha Let it go...let it go...saludo na kaayo si manoy! hahahaha  And slowly but surely the massage started to get naughtier.  It was a clear signal my body was ready for some sensory action.  As soon as he went near my head, he bent over my ear and whispered, "Sir pa extra ka?"  So I replied, "Pila man?"  I had to haggle a bit and told the therapist I could only afford 500 Pesos.  He obliged.

He started pouring oil over my now throbbing cock and gave it a slow and teasing massage.  It went up and down and then before I could react he went downtown!  Down under my asshole!  Woooo I was not prepared for that.  Off course I was clean down there.  I always wash myself before getting a massage.  Then he jerked me off with his finger or fingers probing deeper into my ass.  I was like "wait a fucking minute!  Is he going to stick his finger or fingers inside my asshole?"  With a sudden poking motion, he was trying to insert his fingers in my asshole.  I was not having it.  No! No!!! I could feel his finger nails and it was not a comfortable sensation.  Besides I do not really like things poking around my ass.  I reached to his arm, held it back and told him, just play with my ass but no fingering please!

So he rubbed my asshole which was still a bit uncomfortable and continued jerking me off. Finally I could no longer hold my emotions and had to let it go...I came in the blaze of glory.  Satisfied!

After the deed was done, he went out and came back with hot towels.  As I dress up and went out, I gave him his money and a customary send off from the receptionist desk was made.  What an evening it was.

The entrance to the spa is quite narrow.  If you are not observant enough you might miss it.

The reception hall was quite nice as shown in the photo but as soon as you enter the cubicle, it was a bit of a disappointment.  It needs improvement.  Murag na kulangan ug budget pag abot sa cubicles.  I still prefer the interiors of their Amara branch near Robinsons Mall.

I also observed that they have mostly stocky male therapist.  Murag si gi ilugan nila si Mr. R ug pagkaon hahahaha.

But as to the massage, it was fine.  Nothing much to complain but then again Mr. R thought I was straight so he gave me a better than expected massage.

Aside from the fingernail situation that made it uncomfortable I was also concerned of his finger.  Is it clean?  God knows where those fingers came from.  I just hope I was the first guy he did it with.  I would not want to be his last customer of the day.

And since today is the first day of December, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas!  Expect another spa review within this month.

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We have to be reminded that in any sexual activity it has certain risks.

Always use condoms and practice safer sex.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Salog Spa in Iloilo City

Spa Review

I  went to Iloilo City for a vacation.  I highly recommend the place.  It is clean and there are so much things to see and eat.  

So I decided to look for a spa (unsa pa man ako buhaton).  I was walking around near my hotel and found Salog Spa.  I went in and asked about their massage.  The regular massage was around 250 Pesos which was the cheapest in rate in the city.

As usual I asked for a male therapist.  When I got in the waiting area, a ladyboy (transgender) assisted me.  I did not mind at first.  While I was waiting inside the cubicle I was surprised she got in.  Ohhh okay, so she will be my therapist.

I did not want to be rude or anything so I allowed her to give me a massage.  Unfortunately the massage was not good.  She was like afraid to touch me.  I could feel more her palm than her entire hands.  I guess she was still new to the job.  It really shows.


I have nothing against ladyboys or transgenders but I asked for a male therapist.  Ladyboys no longer associate themselves as male.  Dili naman na sila lalake.  I told the receptionist, I asked for a male therapist not a ladyboy.  If I wanted female I could have asked for a biological female in the first place.  It pissed me off a bit.

It was the strangest spa experience I ever had.  I appreciate the spa for hiring ladyboys, giving them the opportunity to work.  However they should have given me a notice before hand.  Para dili sad ta makurat.  Kay gapadulong na kana sa ilad.  If you want ladyboys, this is the spa for you.