Sunday, October 22, 2017

Launch of CDO Massage Facebook Group

I just recently launched a Facebook Group for CDO Massage.

This will allow more interaction among users and fans of this blog.  I might allow therapists to advertise in the group as long as they have real photos and information.

CDO Massage Facebook Group is a closed group.  You need approval before you can enter the group.  There are questions before you join the group.  Just answer them and your membership will be approved.

Also some messages will be moderated, so please wait for your message to appear.

Thank you!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Regaa Thai - Divisoria Branch

Regaa Thai Ancient Massage Spa

Henry Tan Building, Tirso Neri Street

In front of Police Station No. 1 (Divisoria) and adjacent to DHL

Google Map

Street Parking.  Parking is problematic in the area.

Contact Number
0975-1905709 (TM) ; 0921-0469468 (Smart)

Spa Operation
11:00am to 12:00mn

Swedish, Thai, Aroma

My Spa Review
The spa is quite new.  It looks good and has a peppermint smell.  The spa rate is a bit expensive compared to spas located in Divisoria.

They offer a loyalty card in which after 10 massage sessions you get a free 1 hour massage.

The therapist assigned to me was M.  He is moreno, looks young (probably because he is slim and small), around 5'4 inches tall.  Not my type.  After the customary foot wash I was lead to the 2nd floor and in the cubicle.

The bed foam was on the floor.  It was firm and thick enough.  It has a small pillow, two or three towels, a shorts and even a shirt.  I was impressed.  The curtain partitions were thick enough but does not go totally down to the floor.  There was also a clock in the room.

The therapist started on my leg.  Within a few seconds I knew this would be a relatively good massage and I was not disappointed.  He gave me a hard massage which was a bit painful but satisfying after a few seconds.

The massage I felt was a bit short or lacking.  When I was already lying down face up, the therapist did not massage my legs again.  It was okay but I thought it should have been done.

After the massage, I was asked if I wanted water or tea.  Wow...I have not heard that for the longest time.  It was a satisfying massage even without ES.  No hot towel was given.  I guess because every end of the massage stroke, the therapist would wipe the oil off with a dry towel.

This is the spa set up that I used to know.  They ask for your name and sign up on the customer sheet.  The place looks and smells nice, they offer water or tea after the massage, the bed, towels and sheets are good.  I have nothing to complain.  In fact I wish all spas in CDO are like this.

With or without ES, this spa is worth the visit.  Even though it is expensive (by Divisoria standards) but I guess you get your moneys worth based on the facilities and service.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Websites offering massage services

I have mentioned this before, I do not recommend websites that offer massage services because if you have complaints where do you go to file a complaint?  Do they have a physical office?  Kanang opisina nga naay tao ug receptionist?  

I am pretty sure these massage websites do not even have a business permit or worst of all pay taxes.  That is why I promote spas in CDO because they are legitimate.  They have business permits and pay taxes to government.  Kung mangayo kag resibo, naa silay ika hatag.

Lets talk about therapists.  How sure are you that therapists from these massage websites undergo physical checkup every week at the City Health Office?  Do they even have SSS or Philhealth as required by law?  Wait...they do not have business permits therefore they do not go to the weekly hygiene check at the City Health Office and offer government benefits.  Whereas in spas, the therapists gets weekly checkups and benefits (though I heard some spas are not giving SSS and even Philhealth which is illegal).

And the photographs.  If you are a website offering massage services, you should at least have photographs of your therapist.  If you do not have photographs of your therapist in your website then you are hiding something.  At least in spas you can do special requests and get the therapist that you want.  Uban naka aquarium style pa.

In conclusion, if you are still reading this ug wala ka nag nosebleed, I will remain vocal about the spa industry in CDO and against massage websites.  No threat can silence me.

Thank you!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Beware of CDO Massage fake website

Someone called my attention that there is another website that is pretending to be CDO Massage.  Their original website name was CDO Freelance Massage.  Gi gamit ang pangalan nga CDO Massage para mu adto mga tao didto sa ilang website.

Since the name CDO Massage is popular online they took the opportunity to use my blog name so they can profit from it.  Binastos gyud.

My fear is that the some people would go to that fake website and transact with them.  Their website offer massages.  Mao siguro to sa una nga naay nag ingon nga tag-iya daw kog spa.  I do not own a spa.

I hope this would clarify everything and warn people of their deceitful ways.

Thank you for your support and be informed of the truth.

Friday, September 1, 2017

New spas in CDO?

If there are spas in CDO that I have not mentioned yet in the blog, please post a comment. 

Tell me the name of the spa and the location including some landmarks (duol ba siya sa usa ka hotel, tindahan, etc...)


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Elysium is now RDH Spa

The famed Elysium Spa has changed its name to RDH Spa.  Ang pangalan ra gi ilisan pero mao ra gihapon ang binuhatan.