Monday, April 13, 2015

HIV infection in CDO alarming

Cagayan de Oro City has been named by the Department of Health as one of the 6 Philippine cities with a "concentrated epidemic" of HIV.  If unchecked it might reach "uncontrollable" levels in a couple of years.

DOH is asking the public especially those who engage in gay sex to cooperate and be informed on the issue.

For more information, read the Rappler online article at

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Urban Spa

I wanted to try something new so I tried Urban Spa located along Corrales Street just in front of Trinidad Building.  The spa is quite small.  You can basically hear everyone in the spa.  Their swedish massage costs around 250 Pesos.  They are open until 2am but I think their last call is around 1am.

The cubicle assigned to me was quite small that the bed was already positioned against the wall.  When I entered the cubicle a sign greeted me...Extra Service Not Allowed!  I just smiled and said to myself this will be just a regular massage.  I was mistaken.

The therapist first massaged my legs and worked up until my thigh.  I started to notice his hands were brushing my balls and started to reach deep around my groin area.  This guy was teasing me.

By the time I turned over he was in full extra service mode.  He was brushing his hands on my cock, positioning my feet on his groin and so on.  When he started to give my chest and nipples some love...okay, this is ES time.  With my manhood hard as a pole, he did not wait for me to ask for ES.  He started stroking my pole like he wanted something to come out of it.  I had to stop him and ask how much?  He said 500 Pesos and I was fine with it.

As much as I want to name names, I can't.  Taking into consideration that the spa placed those signs I have to respect the privacy of the therapist.  I hope you guys understand.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

CDO spa and masseur updates

Hi guys and gals.  With so many spas and masseurs in CDO, I can't check them all every week.

It is so expensive for me to visit a spa and hire a masseur especially with a happy ending.  If I do it every week, I might go bankrupt by the end of the month.  I hope you guys understand.

I am thinking of deleting the Featured Masseur page.  It is so difficult to find good masseurs in CDO that you can trust.  Kasagara mga walay buot ug daghan issue.  Any suggestion for a replacement page?

Salamat sa tanan nag comment dinhi sa akong blog.  Your comments contribute to the success of this blog.  Mao ng number 1 na pirme ang kining blog sa Google search for CDO spas and masseurs.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks!