Friday, December 9, 2016

No Review for December

Sorry guys I have decided not to go to a spa this month.  It is too expensive for me right now.

Most therapists would ask double the rate.  Kay pinaskuhan lagi daw.  Which for me is bullshit.  Pinaskuhan pero ang serbisyo murag Biernes Santo.

Seasons greetings to all and be safe.

Friday, November 18, 2016


Finally 500,000 views after 5 years of blogging.

This is a milestone for this blog.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and contributed to this blog.

Amara Massage and Spa

Amara Massage and Spa

Ground Floor, Echem Building corner Pres. Osmena and Florentino Sts.

Adjacent to Discovery Hotel (Near Robinsons Mall-Limketkai Center)

Google Map,124.6533378,19.25z?hl=en

Along the street (there is sufficient parking at night)

Contact Number

Spa Operation
12:00nn to 1:00am (on weekends)

Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, Traditional Hilot, 4 Hands Massage, Home/Hotel Service
My Spa Review

Amara is a branch of Amarela Spa (formerly Red Fern). 

The place is practically new.  Thankfully the interior decor was simpler and clean.  No more "native" materials.

The bed foam however was a bit thin and uncomfortable.  They used this thin cloth as a blanket.  It did not help much in keeping my body warm from the air conditioner.  It was a bit chilly.

Shorts was provided but it was useless.  The curtain partition was a bit in thin side but enough for some privacy.

They have 3 male therapists.  All of them are "new".  Not really sure how new is new.

The therapist assigned to me gave me a descent massage.  Okay lang.  He was teasing me somehow during the massage, putting my hand on his lap and so on.  He even gave my chest a massage but no offer of ES.  

Again if I am not offered, I do not ask for it.  Dili ko desperado.

The massage was just okay.  Nothing extra ordinary.  The place was clean.

When I got out the spa I overheard a guy complained that one of their therapist did not gave him a good massage.  Murag hapak hapak lang.

So I guess they still need more time and practice?

Would I go back there?  I don't know.  Maybe next year when they get to handle more clients.  Murag kulang pa ug practice.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Female Therapist in Cagayan de Oro Page 2

I am opening a new Female Therapist page.  The original page has over 400 comments.

It takes time to read everything.  If you want to read new comments, you have to search for it.

So start posting your comments here.

The original page will still be available at

Check out this article at

This was made for male therapist but it can also be applied to female therapist.

Here is a list of spa's in Cagayan de Oro with female therapist:

Amara Massage and Spa
Osmena corner Florentino Sts. (adjacent to Discovery Hotel)
Mobile No. 0936-3349961
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service 
Google Map :,124.65356,20z

Amarela (formerly Red Fern)
A. Velez corner Chaves St. - Divisoria Branch
Mobile No. 0935-2515066
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service 
Google Map :,124.6442663,19.75z

Amarela (formerly Red Fern)
Carmen Branch (in front of SSS)
Mobile No. 0935-2515065
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service

Caesar Spa
Corrales St. (in front of Regent Furniture-Trinidad Bldg.)
Offers Lingam
Abellanosa Street (along UCCP Church)

Duke Spa
Kauswagan Highway (across Hyundai and Shell)

3rd Floor RA UY Building, 
Pabayo St. corner T. Neri St. (in front Magsaysay Park)
Mobile No. 850-4508 / 0905-8099444
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hot Stones

Emperor Spa 
Capistrano Street (in front of SaveMore)
Google Map :,124.6432966,20.25z

Fai Thai 
A. Velez St. (adjacent to Rose Pharmacy)
Tel. No. 71-4528
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6444206,20.25z  

Fai Thai 
Corrales St. (same building with City Saving Bank)
Tel. No.
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6477868,19.5z 

Finest Thai (formerly 3K Thai)
Capistrano St. corner JR Borja St.(adjacent to LandBank)
Tel. No.
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6433725,19.75z

Gomez corner Cruz Taal St. (adjacent to GoldCrest)
Tel. No. 0926-9923152 / 0916-9212218
Offers Whole Body, Ventosa, Lymphatic

Metta Spa
Abejuela St.
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu

Vamenta Blvd.
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service

Gusa Highway (across Chowking-Gusa)
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6723895,19.5z

Gomez Street
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service
A. Velez corner Gomez St.
Offers  Swedish, Shiatsu
Google Map :,124.6433141,20.5z

Pabayo St. (near Casa Crystalla) 
Tel. No. 880-3398
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6451328,20.5z

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

La Cabana

I am removing La Cabana Spa from the list.   They only have female therapists.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Finest Thai Revisited

Jeremy.  Fair skinned guy, a bit mature, chub around 5'4 in height.

The massage was not really that good.  Average at best.

He offered to suck me for 1,000 Pesos.  I mean wow...that was unexpected.

What surprised me was he asked for my number.  He was a bit aggressive for me.

Not sure I will be going back there soon.