Friday, August 21, 2015

Elysium Spa

Elysium Spa is located on the 3rd floor of RA Uy Building.  You access the spa through a staircase (facing Magsaysay Park).

The spa interior was ordinary, nothing mind blowing.  I asked for a male therapist as usual.  The massage started off like any ordinary massage until he got around my thigh/groin area.  I got hard and I am quite sure he noticed it (I was practically naked).  So right on cue, he started exploring more areas of my groin.

As he did that, my hands wandered around his uniform and noticed his cock was hard.  Hmmmm very unusual for a straight therapist to have a boner.  So I just played with his boner while he played mine.

We were practically jerking off each other until I came.  He squeezed my cock gently, like he was trying to get out every last bit of cum in me.  Then without notice he suddenly bent over and licked my dick head....Boooom!  That was unexpected.

What was also unexpected, he did not demand for any amount or mentioned ES.  So after the massage I gave him 500 Pesos.

And now you will all hate me for this...I did not ask for his name!  It was already midnight, so tired and sleepy.  I wanted to go home and sleep after that massage.  I was already in the taxi when I remembered that I forgot to ask for the masseurs name...alangan mo balik pa ko?  Uwaw naman hehehehe  Enjoy your weekend :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My issues with spa's in CDO

My experience with Mahumpay made me think about the state of the spa industry in CDO.

If you visit older spas in CDO like Sentara, Touch N Heal, La Cabana and even Nuat Thai, they all look nice and relaxing.

Right now, most spas in CDO looks like ordinary commercial spaces or worst cheap boarding houses with rooms partitioned with cheap curtains, decorated with tacky furniture and smelly beds.  Basta basta nalang mag himo ug spa para maka kwarta.  Can't they hire an architect or interior designer to decorate the space?

Spa's used to ask their clients (after the massage) if they were satisfied by their service.  Now, no one cares if you had a good or bad experience.  I think this is one reason why there are a lot of abusive therapists in CDO.  No one reprimands them or tells them what they are doing is wrong.

And speaking of abusive therapist.  Some of these therapists are just jumping from one spa to the next.  I am amazed with the spa management.  They still hire these abusive therapist despite being fired from their previous job.  Kulang ba gyud ang mga male therapist sa CDO?

What do you think are other issues plaguing the spa industry in CDO?  Post your comments here.