Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy Fiesta CDO

While I was in the hospital waiting for my doctor I meet a former male therapist of mine.  He told me that some of his old clients kept texting him if he was still available this weekend.  Grabe daw ka daghan.

Basta lagi fiesta, "excited" kaayo tanan tao hahahaha

Wishing everyone in Cagayan de Oro City a happy fiesta!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

No personal ads in this blog

I do not allow posting of cellphone numbers in this blog.  You can mention the therapist name, the spa but not their personal numbers.

No advertising of freelance masseurs in this blog.  Only therapists connected to spas are allowed to be mentioned here.

Recovering from an injury

I recently injured myself.  The doctor advised me not to get body massages until I fully recover.  Sorry I can not elaborate more on my injury.

This would mean no reviews for the next two months.  Aside from that I have to deal with medical expenses.

I will still be able to approve messages/comments, so keep on sharing your stories in the blog.

Please bear with me as I try to recover from my injuries.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy 5th Anniversary

I never expected this blog to last this long but it did.

Five years ago there were so many issues with swindlers pretending to be freelance masseurs in Cagayan de Oro City.  Daghan ga reklamo nga gakawatan sila.  Finding a good spa and therapist was also a challenge.

At that time there was only one blog that discussed about spas and masseurs in CDO but it was not based in Cagayan.  Dili taga Cagayan ang tag-iya sa blog.  The blog only relied on comments or reviews from users.  There was also a lack of interaction between the blogger and the users.  If you have a question, no one can really give you a clear and definite answer.

My frustration of not getting enough information about CDO spas and therapist gave me an idea.  Why not create my own CDO spa and masseur blog?  A CDO based blog.  Kung naay mangutana, matubag dayon ug pwede ra mag binisaya.  Kapoy sigeg tinagalog.  Unsa ta? Taga sapa? Hehehe

On August 1, 2011, I launched CDO Massage.  The first few years of the blog was a challenge for me.  I was not familiar with blogging, how to interact with users, blog format and stuff.   In 2014, I almost gave up.  My frequent visit to the spa and the search for Featured Masseurs broke my bank account.

Then in 2015, I decided to relaunch CDO Massage.  I overhauled the blog, created new policies, changed the blog format and layout.  I decided to only review a spa and masseur at least once a month.  The Featured Masseur page was dropped.  Lisod pangita ug masseur nga tarong ug masaligan.

I was still not sure if the relaunch would work but I continued on with my policies.  I made mistakes but corrected them.  I learned a lot along the way and it made the blog better.  Today, when you google Cagayan de Oro spas and therapist, CDO Massage is the first website mentioned in the search list.

I still have plans for CDO Massage.  I am still looking for ways to make it more interactive and informative.  It does not mean that the blog is already on the top list that I should sit back and relax.  There are still things to do to make the blog better.

The success of CDO Massage would not be possible without user reviews and comments.  Salamat gyud sa inyong tanan.  Thanks to the people who shared their stories, comments may it be good or bad.  It helped this blog a lot.  The success of CDO Massage is because of you, the users of this blog!  Thank you for supporting CDO Massage.  Keep on sharing your stories with us!