Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sanctuary Beautycare

Sanctuary Beautycare and Wellness

2nd floor, Grand Central Building, Pabayo corner Archbp. Hayes Streets.

Across Bagong Lipunan Restaurant

Google Map,124.6445938,20.25z

GC Building (few slots), Street Parking (it can be problematic even at night)

Contact Number

Spa Operation
12:00nn to 12:00am

Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hot Stone, Body Scrub, Home/Hotel Service

My Spa Review

I said before that Sanctuary was too "public" for me.  Having gone to almost all of the spas around Divisoria, visiting Sanctuary was the logical thing to do.

Sanctuary is located within Grand Central Building, a favorite spot for yuppies and college students.  Expect a crowd during weekends.

Sanctuary is both a spa and a salon (Vixen).  The place is clean and simple.  I like it.  Unlike other spas that feels like a junk shop.  Too much clutter and loud colors.

Their Swedish massage cost around 320 Pesos.  A bit expensive compared to other spas in Divisoria.  The therapist assigned to me was Ramir or Ramer.

Their waiting area is along a hallway.  As soon as Ramir arrived I removed my shoes and dipped my feet on a wooden bowl.

After the foot wash, I was lead to my cubicle.  It had white curtains (it was thick enough).  On the bed was a basket with a white towel and shorts.

The first minute of the massage was promising.  As the massage progressed I was impressed.  

Ramir did not rush, the hand pressure was perfect and he knew which parts of my body that needed attention.  I just wanted to fall asleep.

There was no ES offered.  Again not a priority for me.  Remember that I complained before that spas no longer offer drinks after the massage?  Guess what...they offered me water or tea and hot towel.


For 320 Pesos, it was worth every centavo!  The place is nice and clean.  They offered me something to drink and the massage was one if not the best I ever had!!

The day after the massage, my body felt good and relaxed. If you want a good massage, I highly recommend Ramir.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mobile Internet

I recently bought a LTE capable phone and plan to use it to run my laptop internet.

I don't have internet at home, so I usually use the office internet for my blog and other things.  One reason why I can't update the blog often. (shhhh....hehehe)

Do you guys have a suggestion which prepaid internet promo is the best?

I compared the 300 Peso Globe GoSurf and Smart BigBytes promo and they look the same.

And which network is better?


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Female Therapist page or blog?

The Female Therapist page has so many comments that sometimes I get confused.

Dili na nako mabasa ang ubang comments tungod sa kataas. If someone replies to an old comment, it gets lost.  Lisod pangitaon ang karaang comment.

I am thinking of opening a new page discussion or perhaps a blog exclusively for female therapists?

Share your ideas and lets make it happen :)