Monday, February 29, 2016

Althea Spa

Last year my friend told me that a male therapist in Althea Spa forced him to get extra service even though he did not need one.  So finally after months of curiosity, I went there to check out if my friends story is true (Journalist ang peg? hahaha)

Althea is located along JR Borja Street, adjacent to Loft Inn.  It opens around noon time and closes around midnight.  During weekends, they close late like around 2am.

The spa offers the usual massage including lymphatic.  I got Swedish massage which costs 200 Pesos. The color green was screaming all over the spa.  It was just too much.  When it came time to wash my feet, I had to go to a corner where there was a tiled sink for you to dip in your feet.

I was never able to ask for the name of the therapist.  I did not felt the need to ask.  So I was brought up to the 2nd floor and again GREEN decor!  When I got in the cubicle, the bed was on the floor and they only had a towel for you.  No problem at all, but then when I saw curtain partitions, I freaked out.  It was so thin that I could see clearly the bed, pillow, towel, everything on the other side!  Luckily the other guests were on the other end.  If there was another person at that time, I would have said NO.  I did not take off my underwear for fear that if someone got in the other cubicle, it would be a one hell of a show.

The massage was fine, not much issue with it.  The therapist himself?  He was not my type. The therapist was cautious with his hands that it did not hit sensitive parts of my body.  After the back massage, the therapist poured powder on my back.  I am not really a fan of powder.  

To my surprise after the massage the therapist offered me something to drink.  That was something I really missed in spas today.  They used to do this but they stopped a few years ago.

The therapist did not offer ES.  As in wala.  So now I wonder, was he a new therapist?  or the spa made changes to their staff?

So would I go back to Althea for a massage?  If they changed their curtain partitions, yes but if they don't...hell NO!  Makita gyud ka sa sulod.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Issues with Featured Masseur

Someone asked me why I deleted the Featured Masseur page.  I already answered this issue in 2014.  I do not really want to repeat this again.

Just to clarify this issue once again.

It is so EXPENSIVE and EXHAUSTING to look for a Featured Masseur.  It takes me MONTHS just to verify and check a masseur if he is worth featuring in this blog.  Years ago, I almost go to the spa every week, asking for the same masseur.  Nahurot ang akong kwarta.  Para lang naa koy ma recommend dinhi.  This is one reason why I now visit spas once a month.  I am committed to update this blog but not to the extent that I go bankrupt.  Remember that I do not EARN anything from this blog.

I have already deleted a couple of Featured Masseurs in the past years.  Some of these Featured Masseurs did not live up to my expectations.  Maayo ra sa sinugdanan pero pagkadugayan abusado na kaayo.  There was one incident in 2011 where someone tried one of my Featured Masseur and got disappointed.  The person wanted to sue me for the incident.  Check out the comments in this link

Some people have this perception that gay people are easy to manipulate and abuse.  You just say sweet nothings ug okay na!  mutuwad na ang bayot.  Well, not me.  Basin ikaw pa ang akong ipatuwad!  As I have said before, I am a generous and patient person, but if you abuse my generosity and test my patience...FUCK YOU!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yiyashi Spa

Yiyashi Spa is located near Casa Crystalla Hotel or just in front of Tapsi Time along Pabayo Street.

Their whole body massage is 250 Pesos for 1 hour 15 minutes.  They offer hotel and home service.  Their facilities are basic and the spa itself is quite small.  I do not like their bathroom.  They open noon time and close around 3am or 4am.  

Yiyashi is owned by Tatsujin.  So sometimes if there are no available therapists, they would get therapists from Tatsujin.  This made me worry.  As I have said before, I do not like Tatsujin Capistrano branch.  Basin manguha sila didto.

Luckily the therapist assigned to me is from Yiyashi.  As for the name of the therapist, lets just call him J (I will not give the full name of the therapist this time for a change...para naay suspense and intrigue hehehehe).  I was told to sit on a sofa chair and J gave me a bit of a foot scrub and washed my feet.

J is around 5'6" or 168 cm tall, fair skinned, lean body and he has looks, gwapohon pud.  Take note, I rarely say this to a therapist hehehehe

So I was lead to the cubicle in the 2nd floor. The cubicle set up is the same with Tatsujin Capistrano branch.  They have a plywood partition which was good for privacy and the bedding on the floor.  They do not have a blanket but only a towel.  It can get a bit cold inside.

The massage started well.  I guess he was hesitant at first thinking I might be a straight guy but then a few minutes later I noticed his massage was getting short and light.  It was becoming lousy.

When I was already face up, he started giving my hand a massage.  As usual he pushed my hands towards his body and crotch.   I did not react but I already had an obvious erection hahahaha.

He then asked me, "sir, pa massage ka sa dughan?".  I said sure but I knew how this would end.  He then asked me, "pa extra ka sir?"  1,000 Pesos, maghubo siya tanan ug romansahon ko ninya.  I told myself "Mao ra na iyang himoon sa 1,000?"  It was not worth it.  This time he haggled to 700 Pesos with lingam.  I was still not satisfied.  I negotiated the rate until 500 Pesos.  I told him I just need a handjob.  So he started pouring oil over my manhood and jerked me off.  I was not expecting him to take off his shirt but he did and wow....I like what I was seeing.  He had a lean, smooth, sexy body.  While he was jerking me off, my hand (usa ra intawon hehehe) was busy exploring his body.

I was curious of his lingam massage.  So I asked him to give me a sample.  He started holding my balls and that was it.  That was lingam for him?  Disappointing!  After I came, he got out of the cubicle and came back with a hot towel.  When I checked the time the entire massage plus ES was less than 1 hour.  Disappointing!

My final word on Yiyashi? 250 Pesos is still in the expensive side but you get the privacy you need.  Would I go back there for a massage?  I don't think so.  The massage was really lousy.  It was like Tatsujin Capistrano all over again.  However for extra service only? Sure!  With J's body and face?  I would not say no to that :)  And before I forget, I sense J is a player so be careful.

Happy Valentines to everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Online services and steriods

There are websites advertising home and hotel services in Cagayan de Oro City.  Beware of these sites.

These sites are not registered with City Hall and does not have proper legal documents.  Their therapists do not undergo weekly hygiene or sexually transmitted infection check up from the City Health Office.

Since these sites are not registered businesses, they do not have a permanent place of business.  If you have a complaint, no one can assist you personally with your complaint.  They might have a contact number but a cellphone number can be easily turned off and changed.

I had my fair share of bad experiences with these sites.  I once called up an online site in Cagayan de Oro and asked for a sensual massage service.  There were no photographs of the therapist.  However I was guaranteed that the therapist was good looking, so I agreed.  I was still suspicious at that time, so I got a hotel room for the massage session.  Maayo nalang nga nag hotel room ko ug naay peephole!  When the therapist arrived, he was an OLD OVERWEIGHT GUY!  Gi bugat gyud akong kamot, nga gusto gyud ko musumbag sa iyang dagway.  I was that pissed.  I had to make an excuse.  I just pushed the money underneath the door and did not anymore respond to his questions.

There are other sites with photos of their therapist.  But they can't fool me.  Its the same photo like 5 or even 8 years ago!  I have seen some of these guys in spas, so I am familiar with their faces.  Why hire them online when you can just visit them in the spa?

I have heard years ago, that some therapists are injecting themselves with steroids so they would look bigger and muscular.  Some had silicon penile injection.  I have not confirmed this information yet but based on therapists that I have encountered through the years, they keep on telling me the same story.  Can anyone else collaborate this story?  And worst of all, these guys using steroids and silicon injections are the ones advertising themselves online.

Again, beware of these sites.  If you want to hire these guys or gals out of curiosity, go ahead but you have been warned.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Google Map Links

I am adding Google Map links to the spa location.  This would make it easier for you guys to locate the spa.  So start learning how to read maps! hehehehe