Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dexter of Metta Spa

I went again to Metta and had a 1 hour swedish massage for only 170 Pesos.  In their list of massage rates, swedish massage is found at the bottom part.

I just asked who was available at that time.  Luckily they gave me a new masseur named Dexter.  Personally I think he is good looking.

The massage was good, though his hands were a little bit coarse.  As usual I did not make any moves.  I just waited for him to offer something.

He started giving me a back massage, then the legs and so on.  Nothing much was happening until I turned around.  When he started reaching near my thigh I could feel my blood rushing to my manhood.

Sensing I had an erection his hands started to get more adventurous.  Probing the inner parts of my groin and so on.   After teasing me for some time, he then asked me, "Sir gusto ka ES?"  I asked how much?  He replied 800 Pesos.  I told him 500 Pesos is my max.  He paused a bit and then said "sugod na ta sir".

Unfortunately his ES was nothing spectacular.  He just jerked me off and that was it.  I was able to touch his entire body and limp cock.  It was not hard.

Another day in the spa....


  1. I can name dozens of massuers who offer ES and lingam with their corresponding spa.
    Yes, massuers do transfer from one spa to another.I experienced my first ES with bj from a blind massuer then a followed massuers at Spa de Oro and Palm Day Spa that was decade ago.

    Today, almost every massuer offers ES at the middle of the massage.They think people visit spa for sex, they are all wrong. We wanted a good and relaxing massage after hectic and hard days work, ES is only secondary.

    The most notorious massuers who offer ES are the one working in a spa whose rate is only 180 for combination massage( shiatsu and swedish) Can you blame them? They only got 36php for the 180 you paid at the counter. If they handle 3 clients in a day so they only earned 108php a day. The only way to survive is to offer Es which ranges from 300php to 500php.

    If the spa owners want to stop the extra service, then they should modify their business practice.

    BTW, I started visiting spa decades ago. My first was at Excelsor Hotel at Velez St. First annually, then monthly due to my medical condition that requires massage when I am stressed out from work. Today, I need a massage once or twice a week.

    Thanks for Reading.

  2. I totally agree with you. ES should be secondary, hence the term Extra because it is not part of the usual service. Most therapists are paid by commission basis. If they do not have a client in a day, they go back home penniless. That is why it is important to give massage therapist tips. Miski 20 Pesos or 50 Pesos para lang padugang sa ilang commission.

  3. This is in connection with my comment above CDO Massage.I am the AnonymousMay 3, 2015 at 9:52 PM.

    Last week I visited the Spa in Divisoria(in between Jollibee and Rose Pharmacy), My membership cards have already 10 entries of services rendered to me, so I can qualify for a free massage. I requested the usual therapist that handled me couple of times, sensing that the massage is for free, he did the unprofessional way of doing his trick. He keeps going outside the cubicle making many excuses later told me if I want Es, I said no. The he ends his massage abruptly. As usual I did not complain for his lousy service. I felt weak and lethargic not relaxed more sickly before the massage.

    I went to another Spa in front of Trinidad Building for another massage.So, if you ask me that a massuer and spa should be name here in your blog then I would totally agree.

    Thanks for Reading.

  4. Last time I went to Fai Thai Divisoria was last year. Never went back to that God forsaken spa. Their male therapist treat you like an ATM. Pindot pindot lang, huwat dayon ug ES para maka kwarta.

  5. naay ES sa sentara?

  6. i like the massage at Body Touch in Robinsons Limketkai. Dunno if any of its male therapist offer ES though. Please do tell kung naa. Thanks.

    1. yes they all do offer es with the right signals... naa na gani koy suki dha... si "A" duda ko bi or maya na cya kay magpagawas man pod ug dungan, mag dungan mi ug jo or he j me and i j him. hehehe.

  7. Nag saka ang price sa Metta. Tag 200 na ang swedish. They gave me Ely. He did well by doing the massage for exacty 1hr and 15 mins. The ES wasnt great but I enjoyed the massage.

  8. kung extra ordinary es ang gipangita, mas maayo mag mag pa hotel service nalang