Saturday, December 31, 2011

No water service

Since there is still no water service in some parts of the city, some spa's do not offer body scrub.  Until water service normalize, you have to be contented with your old skin.

Thai Boran Pueblo Branch

Thai Boran opened a new branch in Pueblo de Oro.  It is located along Masterson Avenue near Pan de Pugon.  Nice spa atmosphere but their curtain partitions are a bit thin compared to those in Fai Thai.  Do not expect an exchange of therapists in their other branches since they are managed by different owners or franchisee.  Thai Boran is a franchise based in Cebu City.  They are usually full since there are only a few spas located in Pueblo.  As usual they have male and female therapists.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Contact number change

Ian, the featured masseur here in the blog has changed number.  I will post his new number soon.  Last I heard he went to Camiguin.  Sigeg biyahe

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nuat Thai Rates

Here are the rates of Nuat Thai spa according to their flyer

Thai Dry Body Massage - 180 Pesos
Thai Oil Body Massage - 250 Pesos
Foot Massage/Reflexology - 180 Pesos
Foot Massage with Foot Scrub - 280 Pesos
Swedish Massage - 250 Pesos
Aroma Therapy - 350 Pesos

Landline number is  8575877

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fai Thai Body Scrub

I went to Fai Thai recently for a body scrub.  I would not really advise it.  When you get out of the cubicle for a shower, you have to pass by the waiting area.  A bit awkward considering you are walking around half naked for everyone to see.  The shower functions as a restroom.  In fact there is no real shower space because a urinal is already occupying the shower space.  The only good thing about their spa is the towel.  They are thicker compared to other spa's I have been to.  And the scrub itself?  Well I got a good scrub and the therapist was not shy about it, if you know what I mean but I noticed that someone was peeking behind the curtains.  The therapist confirmed to me that every now and then, the receptionist would be checking on the therapist to ensure no extra services happen.  Bummer!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thai Boran

Thai Boran is located along the Amphitheater.  Honestly, the amphitheater looks more like an unfinished bridge.  Anyway I was surprised to find a spa in that area.  Thai Boran is another spa catering to Thai massage.  No body scrub only massages.  The reception area is quite small but when you enter the spa interior, its quite spacious.  My therapist was Felix.  Not really impressed.  So-so massage and thats it.  Not sure what their other masseurs could offer.  The place is quiet since it is far from the main road.  Again I am not giving up on this spa.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nuat Thai

My experience in Nuat Thai was not that good.  In short, no extra whatever and worst of all the massage was not that great.  My masseur at that time was Jun or Junior or something.  He looks so young, I am not sure if he is under aged or he just looked younger.  Anyway I am not giving up on Nuat Thai yet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Samatha Thai Spa

It is located along Macahambus corner Tiano Streets.  It has a very familiar decor, similar to Nuat Thai with those stone pathways with lights.  Interesting foot bath because you place your feet in a ceramic bowl.  Unfortunately the massage was not that good and it was made worst by the hard bed cushion.  It was like being massaged on a solid floor without any bed.  And the masseurs?  I saw 3 of them and was not my type.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fai Thai

I recently went to Fai Thai near Rose Pharmacy in Cruz Taal.  Barato!  Their Signature Massage is only Php 180.00, a blend of Hawaiian, Shiatsu and Swedish for 1 hour.  The place is okay not really at the high end but not that cheap looking.  They already expanded and has another branch just beside the original spa.  So far, no one offered me any extra services.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Spa and Masseur Review

Guys please bear with me.  It is quite expensive to get a massage every week.  I will do my best to give spa and masseur reviews often.  If you have your own recommendations please post a comment here.  By the way, all comments are moderated.  I will have to approve it before being posted in the blog.  Also check out the new blog page, FEATURED MASSEUR.  Featured Masseur page is all about masseurs highly recommended by my friends and me? Thanks!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Touch n Heal

My first impression of the place?  Nice...Too bad it is located in a place surrounded by squatters and an area known for drugs.  I went there for a body scrub.  The masseur did not use warm water when he drenched me from neck down so it was a bit cold.  I was only wearing a disposable underwear provided by the spa.  Their head cushion for the scrubbing room needs changing.  It smelled moldy, in fact it was a bit molded.  The body scrub was excellent with the masseur doing massage strokes while scrubbing and placing moisturizer all over my body.  It would have been perfect if I got an extra service but there was none.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tatsujin Spa

Sorry I accidentally deleted the previous topic on Tatsujin spa.  To shorten the discussion, the masseurs are good but they have an attitude problem.  It is the truth and the truth hurts!  Funny thing, the affected masseurs tried to comment here in this blog and explain their side of the story.  Mas maayo hinoon kay kibalo namo sa inyong sayop!  I paid for a service and I should get what I paid for.

Body Scrub

Any suggestion for a good body scrub?  The body scrub in Body Treats Spa is a bit strange.  They use honey.  Haven't tried it but it would be an interesting scrub hehehehehe.  Will give you guys some updates soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dealing with freelance and spa masseurs

Here are some of my advise on how to deal with freelance and spa masseurs:

First of all, we should respect the privacy of these masseurs.  Be discreet about it.  Do not post their face pics online unless with their permission.

Take a bath before getting a massage.  The masseur will be rubbing your entire body with all the dirt and grim.  Mauwaw ka pud intawon. 

If you want to know the cellphone number of a masseur in a spa, ask the masseur personally not the spa management.  Go to the spa, get the masseur and ask his number.  Common sense dictates that the spa management will never give you the cellphone numbers of their masseur or massage therapist.  If they give out the numbers, most of the customers will no longer go to the spa and that would affect their business.

Do not immediately ask for extra service.  Test other masseurs in the spa and when you found the right one, then be his loyal customer or "suki".  Gain his trust and confidence in you before asking extra services.

As for tips, you should give one.  Spa masseurs (those working in the spa) only earn through commissions per massage and tips.  Maluoy sad mo.  If you do not like the services, then do not tip.  I usually give around 40 or 50 Pesos for average massage.  70 to 100 Pesos if he really gives you a good massage.

If the spa masseur asks you if you want extra service, first ask the rate before saying yes.  If the masseur says "ikaw na bahala sir"  tell him your preferred rate and ask if he is okay with it.  Some are asking for 500 Pesos for a jack off which for me is too much.  Negotiate it to around 200 to 300 Pesos. 

For freelance masseurs (hotel and home service only), some ask for 1,000 Pesos or more for extra service.  1,000 Pesos is expensive even by Manila standards.  Unless you look like Adonis with all the muscles and face to go with it, then probably you are worth that much.  But for Cagayan de Oro, the asking rate should range around 600 to 800 Pesos maximum.

And most of all, do not act like a desperate person!  Sometimes out of desperation we do things that might endanger ourselves and the job of the masseur.

If you have something to add, just post a comment.

Monday, August 1, 2011

CDO Massage

Welcome to CDO Massage!  It is a personal blog where I share my personal experience in spas and masseurs in Cagayan de Oro City.

A word of caution.  Hire these masseurs at your own risk.  If you are not satisfied with the masseur featured here, post a comment so others would know.

Thanks and enjoy your massage!