Sunday, March 22, 2015

CDO spa and masseur updates

Hi guys and gals.  With so many spas and masseurs in CDO, I can't check them all every week.

It is so expensive for me to visit a spa and hire a masseur especially with a happy ending.  If I do it every week, I might go bankrupt by the end of the month.  I hope you guys understand.

I am thinking of deleting the Featured Masseur page.  It is so difficult to find good masseurs in CDO that you can trust.  Kasagara mga walay buot ug daghan issue.  Any suggestion for a replacement page?

Salamat sa tanan nag comment dinhi sa akong blog.  Your comments contribute to the success of this blog.  Mao ng number 1 na pirme ang kining blog sa Google search for CDO spas and masseurs.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Johnny of Red Fern - Carmen Branch

I got curious of a certain Johnny from Red Fern - Carmen branch.  His name was mentioned in other blogs including comments here in CDO Massage.  So I decided to drop by at Red Fern.

Red Fern - Carmen branch is located across the SSS Building.  Red Fern offers swedish/shiatsu massage, deep tissue, traditional hilot and the one of a kind four hand massage.  Yes...two massage therapist will give you a massage at the same time.

I opted for the cheaper swedish massage at 250 Pesos.  I requested for Johnny and luckily he was available at that time.  Johnny is a fairly good looking guy compared to most of the masseurs I have encountered.  He has fair to light skin, average body built and chinito.

Before the massage started, I told Johnny I just took a bath so bahala ka na...  I am not sure if he smiled back at me.  It was hard to see in the dark cubicle.  Just a few minutes into the massage, I knew this would end up really good.  His hands glided like smooth ice and he explored places where no therapist has gone before LOL and it felt good.  Despite the urge to grab him, I kept my hands to myself.  I just allowed him to do his stuff without my hands interfering hahahaha ;)

His chest massage was arousing.  It hit the spot and he immediately knew what to do next.  He poured oil over my groin area and started giving me a handjob.  His soft hands were caressing my manhood like a delicate flower! Agh! The sensation was amazing!  I think he applied lingam massage on me.  Unlike other masseurs who held my cock like a door knob, he held mine with care.  Now this time my hands were roaming around his body, ready for the kill!  Unfortunately his cock was not hard.

After a minute of his caring strokes, I came hard and strong hahahaha.  It was simply satisfying.  After the handjob he continued with the massage and was kind enough to ask if I wanted a hot towel.  Afterwards I gave him his generous tip.  He was worth every Peso, no doubt about it.

So the next time you are around Carmen area, check out Red Fern and look for Johnny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ben of Touch n Heal

I have been to Touch n Heal years ago and I am glad they maintained the quality and ambiance of the place.  The massage rates are expensive but again they maintained the place very well.

I did not know any male therapist in the spa so I just asked whoever was available.  The name of my masseur was Ben.  He is short, chubby, descent young looking guy.

The massage was not that good, very average.  I think he still lacks experience.  I could sense he was trying his best to seduce me, rubbing his private parts all over me.  He even climb over me and was trying to position his groin over my face.

Finally I just asked him about extra service.  He does not give hand jobs but he offered himself to get suck.  Unfortunately I don't suck so I just stroked his nice cock and pleasured myself.  End of massage.