Sunday, October 18, 2015

Female Therapist in Cagayan de Oro

There is a growing number of straight guys asking questions regarding female therapist in this blog.  So I am dedicating this section of the blog to you guys.

To make this page more informative and interactive, please share your experiences with us.  The name of the spa, what happened, how it happened and so on.

A new page has been created for Female Therapist.  Please visit this page at

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This was made for male therapist but it can also be applied to female therapist.

Here is a list of spa's in Cagayan de Oro with female therapist:

Amarela (formerly Red Fern)
A. Velez corner Chaves St. - Divisoria Branch
Mobile No. 0935-2515066
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service 
Google Map :,124.6442663,19.75z

Amarela (formerly Red Fern)
Carmen Branch (in front of SSS)
Mobile No. 0935-2515065
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Filipino Hilot, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service

Caesar Spa
Corrales St. (in front of Regent Furniture-Trinidad Bldg.)
Offers Lingam
Abellanosa Street (along UCCP Church)

Duke Spa
Kauswagan Highway (across Hyundai and Shell)

3rd Floor RA UY Building, 
Pabayo St. corner T. Neri St. (in front Magsaysay Park)
Mobile No. 850-4508 / 0905-8099444
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hot Stones

Emperor Spa 
Capistrano Street (in front of SaveMore)
Google Map :,124.6432966,20.25z

Fai Thai 
A. Velez St. (adjacent to Rose Pharmacy)
Tel. No. 71-4528
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6444206,20.25z  

Fai Thai 
Corrales St. (same building with City Saving Bank)
Tel. No.
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6477868,19.5z 

Finest Thai (formerly 3K Thai)
Capistrano St. corner JR Borja St.(adjacent to LandBank)
Tel. No.
Offers Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Body Scrub, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6433725,19.75z

Gomez corner Cruz Taal St. (adjacent to GoldCrest)
Tel. No. 0926-9923152 / 0916-9212218
Offers Whole Body, Ventosa, Lymphatic

Metta Spa
Abejuela St.
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu

Vamenta Blvd.
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service

Gusa Highway (across Chowking-Gusa)
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6723895,19.5z

Gomez Street
Offers Swedish, Home and Hotel Service

Vamenta Boulevard (just below the Pryce Plaza flyover)
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu
Google Map :,124.6358627,19.75z

A. Velez corner Gomez St.
Offers  Swedish, Shiatsu
Google Map :,124.6433141,20.5z

Pabayo St. (near Casa Crystalla) 
Tel. No. 880-3398
Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Home and Hotel Service
Google Map :,124.6451328,20.5z

Friday, October 9, 2015

Lumbago Touch Massage

Remember Moon Spa?  It is now Lumbago Touch Massage.  The spa is located near Goldcrest along Pabayo corner Cruz Taal Streets.

Their whole body massage (1 hour) is only 190 Pesos.  They offer a 4 hand massage (2 masseurs giving you a massage).  It will cost you around 550 Pesos.  They accept hotel and home service.

So I went in, asked for the whole body massage and a male therapist.  The therapist was not good looking but not that unappealing.  Okay lang, not a problem for me. When I went up and saw the cubicles and decor...oh reminded me of Mahumpay.  I just wanted to redecorate the entire spa and give it a touch of gayness hahahahaha.

I was wearing my underwear, no plans for ES, I was broke :)  The massage started well, average at best.  So far so good.  I turned over and he gave my hands a massage.  Here we go....he was trying to press my hands on his crotch.  Sorry I am not falling for that trick.  Besides I am broke!  So he continued giving me a massage.  Then suddenly he sat beside me, placed my hand on his crotch and started giving my chest a massage. He was not taking NO for an answer.  I finally told him...sorry, not tonight, maybe next time?

This is getting frustrating.  Am I too gay that masseurs assume I need extra service or they just assume all male clients are gay?  Post your comments.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lending money

I was waiting for a taxi just outside a spa and heard two people talking nearby.  It was an older gay guy and a male therapist.  

The male therapist was trying to convince his "sugar daddy" to lend him money.  He kept on talking about getting a new phone so they can communicate well.  His old phone was not working well, he could not hear the phone ringing and so on.  Bullshit!

I had my share of experience with people asking me money.  Not necessarily from male therapists but from "friends" and co-workers.  

One thing I have learned from lending money is not to expect to get paid.  When you lend money to someone, it is like giving out money from your heart.  Ayaw na ug dahum ma bayaran ka pa.

If the person pays you back, then good.  If he does not, it is expected.  You lend money because you have extra money to loose or give away.  If you do not have money and you still lend money, be careful.  Ikaw pa hinoon ang mangutang kay wala kanay kuwarta.