Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tatsujin - A. Velez Branch

After weeks of no massage, I decided to get one.

I was walking along Velez Street when I noticed a new spa that opened just above Octagon Computer Store.  To my surprise it was Tatsujin.  Later I learned it was a branch of Tatsujin located in front of Savemore - Capistrano Street.

I have discussed this before in this blog.  I hated the masseurs in Tatsujin - Capistrano branch.  I have not gone to Tatsujin - Capistrano branch for sometime now.

So I decided to take a chance and try their spa.  The regular massage was priced at 350 Pesos but the receptionist said that they were currently offering 50% off on services, so it was only 175 Pesos.

I told the receptionist I needed a male therapist.  Again I had no expectations or whatsoever with the therapist.  The massage was average.  I noticed the therapist was rubbing his butt on my back.  As usual, I did not react.  I really needed a massage and was almost falling asleep.

When the therapist started pressing my thighs, I got a hard on.  I guess he noticed it and when he started giving my arm and hand a massage, he pressed his crotch to my hand.

Not missing a beat, he then whispered to my ear..."gusto ka ug extra sir?"  I asked "pila man?"  "500 sir, pero kung gusto ka magpagawas pud ko, padugang lang sa 500".

I told him to jerk me off for 500.  No need for him to cum.  "Sugod na ta sir?"  Sure, why not! He poured oil on my hard tool and started stroking it while his lips were busy licking my nipples.

To be honest, there was nothing really exciting when he jerked me off.  It was good but nothing to brag about.  I was so sleepy after the massage I forgot to ask his name.  A big mistake on my part.  Anyway, he was a small guy, lean, ordinary looking.  I would not probably miss him.


  1. Been there too last Friday. Availed their 50% off promo on all services. I got this masseur named Adrian. He's good and even gave me a good hand job for 500. Haha

  2. Adrian is so yummy, Indeed