Thursday, April 30, 2015

Name the masseur or not?

Someone told me recently that a spa in CDO had started monitoring their masseurs for extra services and because of this some masseurs left the spa.

My fear is that someone might use this blog to do a witch hunt on these masseurs offering extra services.  This made me think... should I name names, who are these masseurs offering extra services or just mention the name of the spa?

I do not want to be the reason why they got fired in the first place.

Post a comment, share your opinions.  Should we name them or not? or am I just being paranoid?


  1. So I was googling massage spas in the city and ur blog showed up in the top (4 if i remember correctly) results. I was happy because it was really informative. I was just at redfern about an hour ago cause it was the nearest. I asked for the guy you featured here and everything was true to the last info. 2 points. 1, if it hadnt been for this site, I wouldnt know anything and would probably have ended up at a mediocre spa with mediocre services or even worse. 2nd, if it is true that spas are monitoring their masseurs then it wouldnt take long til somebody finds out about this site, especially if they are very diligent about it. So i see ur dillema. You either help us, ur readers, people who are looking for reviews about spas in the city while risking the jobs of the people you mention here, or help the masseurs by withholding their identities in ur blogs and make it less informative which in turn lowers their # of customers.. This after all is free advertising. Wow! Talk about complicated stuff. It's a double-edged sword man. U cant do both.. Lol but for now, I thank you for this very informative site. :D

  2. Saturday....Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.