Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back from a vacation

I am back bitches hahahaha I accidentally posted a review in the blog which I am still working on.  Its kinda long review.  I still have to recall what happened because after the ES, I could no longer think straight LOL.  Sorry for those who were able to read it in advance.  I will post the complete review by the end of the week.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Delay in comment approvals

I am in Manila right now.  I can't be online most of the time, so please bear with me.  Bakasyon mode sa ta hehehehe

Monday, April 11, 2016

Full Body or Back Massage?

I have observed that most full body massage with ES does not really reach 1 hour.  After the back massage which is approximately 20 minutes, you are immediately offered extra service.

Why should I get a full body massage if the therapist would only do it for 30 minutes or less? Alkanse ka gyud sa imong gi bayad.

Since they are just going to massage your back, why not just get a back massage?  It is cheaper compared to a full body massage.  If you think about it, they just massage your back and after that automatic naman ES.

So the next time you go to a spa and you plan to get ES, just get a back massage.  If you really need more time, you can tell the receptionist that you want your time extend.  Sakto?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Other spa blogs

I will be going to Manila soon so I have been looking at Manila based masseur blogs lately.  Comparing it to my blog, murag simple ra kaayo ang akong blog.  I think I need to restructure my blog to make it more attractive and informative.

I am practically trying to save up for my Manila masseur adventure.  If the guy is worth it, I will spend more.

So its my turn to ask everyone, any suggestions for a decent freelance male therapist in Manila?  Thanks in advance!  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Touch of Heaven

Touch of Heaven is located on the 3rd floor of Bistro Building (above Barkadahan Grill) just across Bonifacio Park in Divisoria.

The spa opens around noon time and closes midnight.  They offer home and hotel service.  You can contact them at 0936-4245230.

Their space is small and clean.  The interior decor is simple yet descent enough.  They offer Crenio massage which is similar to lymphatic massage.  I got their 1 hour Swedish massage for only 180 Pesos (promo rate).  The receptionist called out someone.  Unfortunately I forgot his name.  It was like Ben or something.  (sorry guys, I have been forgetful lately)  So lets just call the guy, Mr. N.

"N" was around 5'2 (157 cm) tall and fair skinned.  Lets just say his looks is average (compared to other masseurs) and has a lean body.

The bed was on the floor and it was a bit uncomfortable.  The mattress was a bit thin that I could feel my chest pressing on the floor.  They used a towel to cover me up.  Luckily the room temperature was just right so it did not bother me that much.  Though the spa does not have much lighting but because of its small space, the light gives off more brightness than usual.  At one point I felt I could be seen inside the cubicle.

The massage was good but again my chest was pressing on the floor every time the therapist placed pressure on my back.  At this point I was just observing what he was doing.  He did not moved his hands too close to my crotch area or brushed my balls.

So now I was facing up and he was giving my hand a massage.  He placed my hand on his knee.  It was a bit of an awkward situation for me.  Was it an invitation to move my hand towards his crotch?  I was not assuming anything so I did not make any move.  He finished the massage and asked me if I wanted anything else.  I said nothing.  No ES. Hahaha abi ninyo naa? hehehehe  I was not disappointed.  I got a good massage and did not burn my wallet.

As for my review for Touch of Heaven, the location can be a bit challenging since it is located on the 3rd floor.  They have signs but it is not visible enough from the outside.  For 180 Pesos, it is cheap and good enough.  The place is neat, decent and the therapist did not demand for extra or anything at all.  Would I go back for another massage?  Probably.  I just hope they change their beds.  It was just uncomfortable.