Monday, April 11, 2016

Full Body or Back Massage?

I have observed that most full body massage with ES does not really reach 1 hour.  After the back massage which is approximately 20 minutes, you are immediately offered extra service.

Why should I get a full body massage if the therapist would only do it for 30 minutes or less? Alkanse ka gyud sa imong gi bayad.

Since they are just going to massage your back, why not just get a back massage?  It is cheaper compared to a full body massage.  If you think about it, they just massage your back and after that automatic naman ES.

So the next time you go to a spa and you plan to get ES, just get a back massage.  If you really need more time, you can tell the receptionist that you want your time extend.  Sakto?


  1. sa elysium more than 1 hour ang massage and es base on my experience.

  2. may taga cebu ba dito? san maganda magpamassage sa cebu. pupunta ako sa cebu this May.

  3. nganong kung magpamasahe ko sa akong mga suki nga female therapist sa fai thai 1 hour and 30 minutes ang lympathic massage hehehe

  4. In dire need of a good back massage, can you please recommend based on your experience?