Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back from a vacation

I am back bitches hahahaha I accidentally posted a review in the blog which I am still working on.  Its kinda long review.  I still have to recall what happened because after the ES, I could no longer think straight LOL.  Sorry for those who were able to read it in advance.  I will post the complete review by the end of the week.  


  1. I was one of those who got to read your now missing post haha Anyway, mao ni akong reaction ganina nga wala na post after you removed it...

    ---> Dili na gyud ko ga tuo anang mga istorya sa mga therapist---it's almost always crap...bullsh_t! Haha, that's why I don't usually talk everytime I hire one. I just answer if they ask something. Anyway, the rate you shared is too expensive especially for a mere government employee like me but the way you wrote it murag enjoy man ka bisan gi BITIN mi nimo murag feel nako nag enjoy ka hahaha will wait for part 2!

    I've tried 4 in Manila. I've tried the famous hung Allan A for massage and all, for P2k---pinaka dako gyud that I've tried, pramis!

    I've also tried an indie actor for P3k, Jexter, very professional gyud---before the session, he takes a bath and brushes his teeth. And---before he does things, he asks for my consent---asa ka ana? Haha...Then, he massages you nga dili dali-dali. After that, all-in ES, everything you can think of!

    Then, I also tried two from boytoyforhire. This time, awat ko nimo, will not share their names pa selfish ang peg haha mga gwapo gyud super, both at P2.5k. Ang una, nice ang massage and gi anal ko--jusko! (I don't really do this thing but I just cannot refuse---it was safe btw). He kisses on the lips but doesn't suck---ok lang, I don't want people sucking me, I'm supposed to be the one doing that!

    The other one---terrible gyud ang massage but I don't really mind kay he was probably the most handsome person I've ever been intimate with in my entire life--dah! Haha... Nag after sex selfie gyud mi pag human para naa koy remembrance!!!

    I'm going back later part this year---I'm eyeing two other more also from 2nd and 4th choices nako. Mga artistahin gihapon ni sila og mga dating!!! Haha

    The End---first time sharing... Thanks for your blog btw, keep on writing!

  2. Hey, can you share the contacts you mentioned Allan and Jexter? :)