Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fai Thai Body Scrub

I went to Fai Thai recently for a body scrub.  I would not really advise it.  When you get out of the cubicle for a shower, you have to pass by the waiting area.  A bit awkward considering you are walking around half naked for everyone to see.  The shower functions as a restroom.  In fact there is no real shower space because a urinal is already occupying the shower space.  The only good thing about their spa is the towel.  They are thicker compared to other spa's I have been to.  And the scrub itself?  Well I got a good scrub and the therapist was not shy about it, if you know what I mean but I noticed that someone was peeking behind the curtains.  The therapist confirmed to me that every now and then, the receptionist would be checking on the therapist to ensure no extra services happen.  Bummer!

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  1. has just visited Fai Thai and am amazed of the development. They have an annex which got and excellent ambiance.Its cool and modern and wow they have new services which are superb, Hawaian and welbeing massage which are popular in other Asian,middle east and western countries. Glad were a group of ten and all 6 were attended to by male therapists. It was made possible coz they have 8 masseurs. they're heavy weight now as they have total of 45 therapists to attend to growing demands.