Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nuat Thai

My experience in Nuat Thai was not that good.  In short, no extra whatever and worst of all the massage was not that great.  My masseur at that time was Jun or Junior or something.  He looks so young, I am not sure if he is under aged or he just looked younger.  Anyway I am not giving up on Nuat Thai yet.


  1. i'am alex i'll try nuat thai last month before sendong ther a chuby girl she is good massage and also do an extra serves,pro d makipag sex hanggang hawak klang sa bobs at sa titi nya at iyng isa the best rin mag bgay ng ES at iyng ktawan ai slim.

  2. mga brod wala ako masabi talagang sarap nang nag mashe sakin sa nuat 500 pwd kana mka himas himas at mka dide sa boobs kasu walang totaly sex kasi takot sila 3 nga natikman ko dun okie naman sila pati masahe.

  3. try nyo duke spa.. all the way cla doon.. :)

  4. I am in Tagbilaran now. I tried a massage to relax my back pains. I was expecting a massage with a male masseur at Nuat Thai, but when i got there around 10:00 pm, all their male masseur was taken and the next time out is at 11:30. Things went so fast, i was not ready to respond when a female masseur led me to a bench with a ceramic basin in front ready for a foot wash. She just squeeze a bottle of foot gel and open a faucet right above it and water with changing temperature flowed in. I was already sitting on one of the seats. So i had a female masseur that night.... The receiving hall was not that impressive, average size room, small entrance leading to a sofa and counter, then the foot washing area after that, all in a row. But two adjoining rooms, some distance apart open to a longer hallway with cubicles alongside. The sides of the floor are lined with white peebles. The cubicles are separated by curtains, the mattress, sheets and pillows smell clean.... At the last minute i thought the lady just ushered me there and a masseur will just follow but it's not happening... So, while lying on my belly with only my boxer's short on, the massage started from the lower leg and thigh including the foot. The masseuse fair looking, short but just average size and charming In fairness, she gave me a good massage with just enough pressure, up to the upper back and arms. She went on with the head and neck and the front of my legs. She didnt massage my butts though and the chest. And she did not try to offer es, maybe because i requested a masseur at first or it is not her practice... I like the whole thing though, i needed to relax, saved me from extra expenses but i gave her a tip.
    Their swedish massage is 250, thai is 150

    1. In terms of its interior or ambiance, I put Nuat Thai in my top list. It really looks like a spa pero gamay lang. You could see that there was an effort to give a spa experience to its guests. Unlike others...murag naa ka lang sa bodega or boarding house. Kwarta ra ang gi apas sa imo.