Thursday, July 28, 2016

I own a spa?

Some one recently posted a comment accusing me as the owner of Amarela Spa.  This is his or her comment at

For the past 5 years (August 1 is the 5th year anniversary of this blog!), I have reviewed several spas and including therapists.  So I also own all of them?  Especially Elysium nga gi sikat tungod sa ako?  Sus, kung akoy tag-iya sa Elysium, I would not share H sa inyong tanan! Hahahaha

How about Sanctuary Beautycare Spa?  I also own it because I recently gave them a very good recommendation?  (

Hayahay basad nako kung ako tag iya sa tanang spa nga akong gi review dinhi.

As for Amarela, I guess the person who made this comment has not read my previous reviews and comments of the spa. (

I have complained several times in the past years that their spa needs renovation.  It is my polite way of saying that their spa is worn down and smelly.

Basa basa kung naay time.  Here are links for you convenience.


  1. Admin, the guy is a troll. Wala na unta nimo gi tubag iyang comment.

    1. Sakto ka diay. Troll diay ang term ana. Okay ra tubagon ang usa sa iyang comment pero gi delete na nako ang uban. I think my response to this issue is sufficient.

  2. kung mu hatag kag review sa usa ka butang. Ikaw na daun manag iya..haha. gamay utok lang bes.