Monday, May 2, 2016

Hapyod Massage

Hapyod Massage

2nd floor, Tan Building, Tiano Bros. corner Cruz Taal Streets

Adjacent to BS Electrical

Google Map,124.6436934,21z

Along the street (No problem in the evening)

Contact Number

Spa Operation
3:00pm to 4:00am

Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Deep Tissue

My Spa Review

Hapyod is a branch of Mahumpay Spa, my bestfriend according to someone here :)  When I entered Hapyod, the interior was so green, like neon screaming green.   Not the best color for a spa.

Their swedish massage cost around 180 Pesos which is cheap.  

The male therapist assigned to me was not my type but not an issue at all.  There was the usual foot bath before I was lead to the cubicle.

When I got in the cubicle, I observed that half of the curtain partition was thin and the other half was thick.  This was a concern for me.  I also noticed that the curtains did reach the floor level.  There was a gap of around 2 to 3 inches.  Since the bed is on the floor, you can see the hands of the person in the adjacent cubicle and hear him clearly.

The bedding was quite stiff, it was a bit hard.  Not sure if the foam came from a punching bag.

I was a bit surprised that the massage started with my legs.  Therapists usually start at the back.  The therapist was quite careful with the massage.  No ES at all.

The massage was good.  Very typical massage.  It would have been a good end to the evening if it was not for the missing slippers.  I could not find the slippers provided to me.  I had to walk barefoot to the receptionist to get my shoes.

I am all about privacy and those curtains need to be changed.  The bed I can forgive but not the curtain partitions.

Hapyod would not be my first choice but it can be an option if all of the spas are full.


  1. Better format for a review.

  2. Thanks. I am testing a new format for the review.

  3. They use to be good and ur money's worth I was a regular..they were clean n authentic ..but now I dont know wat happen..