Thursday, August 21, 2014

Body scrub issues

Getting a good body scrub is the best way of removing dead skin from your entire body.  However I have observed lately that massage therapists in Cagayan de Oro are no longer using gloves when giving body scrub.  Gloves is a requirement to prevent skin to skin contact.  This will prevent possible transmission of diseases from the masseur to client and vice versa.

Before getting a body scrub, ask the spa front desk if their massage therapist uses gloves.  If they don't use gloves, ask them to use one or if not then look for another spa.


  1. Sukad, wa pa ko naka experience nga nag gloves ang therapist while nag body scrub. Do you think, for some weird reasons, ma insulto ang customer kung mag gloves sila? What's the difference between body scrub and massage in terms of skin contact? Would you request your masseur mag gloves while nag swedish nimo?

  2. In Sanctuary, 3K, touch and heal and Fai Thai before, they used scrub mittens or gloves. Ambot karon ngano dili na sila gagamit. Most spa in CDO use salt for body scrub. Salt is an abrasive material that can cause micro abrasions or kanang mga gagmay nga samad nga dili makita. you would feel it nalang, nga hapdos imong panit. Okay lang unta if the masseur is gentle enough to apply salt over your body but there are spots nga ilang kusgon gyud ug scrub. Kung ang imong panit maka experience ug micro abrasions, samot pud sa kamot sa masseur. This micro abrasions might contain a tiny amount of blood or bacteria that could be transferred from one person to the other. Imagine nalang imong panit ug dalikdik (skin dirt) ug iya mag uban? May lang lagi unta sure ka limpyo iyang kamot at that time. It is all about hygiene. Dapat gyud safe ug limpyo.

  3. Yes, tinuod gyud na, usahay makusog nila. But sa akong experience, ako man ingnon nga hinayi. Friendly man pud na sila og mo sunod dayun sa imong e sulti kay ga huwat baya sa tip. lol