Monday, July 7, 2014

This is a GAY blog...

Someone posted a comment why this blog does not mention about girls and blind massage therapist.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am laughing so hard that I do not know what to do. 

First of all, read the subtitle of my blog.  This is my PERSONAL experience, my PERSONAL opinions as a GAY person.  Yes...this is a GAY blog.  So I do not understand what are you complaining about.  It is like you went in a GAY bar by accident and started complaining where are the girls?  Why are men dancing and not girls?  Poor guy, so clueless...

If you do not like gays, its fine with me.  Stay on your side of the fence and we will do the same.  You do not find gay people posting comments on straight blogs complaining why are there no men to men.

Duke Spa along Kauswagan Highway was raided years ago.   Are they now permanently closed?  The answer is NO.  Until now they are still operating and the girls are quite busy.  So there, I hope this would satisfy clueless straight guys who wonder in my gay blog.

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