Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Friday, January 6, 2017

R of Metta

My Spa Review

Went back to Metta.  Most of the spa at that time were full.  Not sure why.  Probably because of the new year.

The receptionist assigned me to R.  Lean guy but not my type.  Would not really notice him in the crowd.

The massage started well.  It was good enough considering I did not get a massage over a month.

When he reached my thighs he started teasing my balls a bit. Hitting it every now and then but again I did not react to it.  I guess at this time he was not sure if I was for ES or not so the massage continued without any incident.

So I turned over and he started to massage my thighs.  I just could not help it, I got hard.  I guess when he saw my boner, he knew what was to happen next.  So instead of going uptown, he went downtown.  Went deeper to my thighs.

He soon placed my hand on his lap giving me access to his crotch.  I tried to find and rub his dick but there was nothing.  Not trying to be rude but I could not find it hahahaha

He then asked me if he could massage my chest which I gladly agreed but it was a bit quick.  At that time I already had a feeling the massage was shortened.  Later on I realized it was really short.  The massage started at around 9:15 and ended with ES and powder at around 10:00.  Basically the massage was only 30 to 40 minutes.

After the chest massage, he asked if I wanted ES.  He asked for 1,000 Pesos.  It was expensive.  All he could do was jerk me off.  I negotiated to 700.  Late "pinaskuhan" nalang ang additional 200 sa usual 500 Peso rate nako.  When he started jerking me off, he was holding the base or shaft of my dick and pounding it.  It was the dullest jerk off I have ever experienced.  There was no sensation.  It was not worth the money I was giving him.

After I came (it was quite a long time because he did not even tried anything else) and had myself powdered up, he sat down and basically waited for his money and then left.


R gave a fairly decent massage but he basically shortened it to make room for ES.

Okay nalang unta kung ang extra maayo.  It was not.  One if not the worst extra service I ever experienced.  He was like trying to pry out something out of a can.  It was really uncomfortable.

Also the curtain partitions were quite thin.  I don't know if they recently changed it.  With some light, you can actually see the shadow of the therapist.  If you use your cellphone people can see you inside the cubicle.

Never use the cubicle close to a light source.  Makita mo gamay sa sulod.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

May this year bring us more good spa services and massages!  Happy New Year!