Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Touch of Heaven Revisit (now Convalescent)

Spa Review

It has been a long time I have not visited Touch of Heaven located in Divisoria.

So I decided to just visit the spa again and check if there are changes to their services.

Their basic Shiatsu/Swedish massage is now 199 Pesos.  I hate this type of "pakulo".  Ga lisod lisod ka lang ug sinsilyo.  I got a male therapist.  Von was his name.

Upon entering the cubicle I was disappointed of the bed.  It was extremely flat and thin.  Curtains partitions were thick enough for privacy.

I was told to just wear my underwear, so I did.  Before the massage even started, the other female therapists who obviously had nothing to do kept on talking and giggling a loud.  It was just annoying.
The massage started and it was okay.  Nothing really extra ordinary.  No ES was offered.  The therapist ended the massage and when I checked my timer, it was just 40 minutes. Bullshit!  Wala na gani ES, unya undertime pa gyud?

It was ridiculous.  I left the spa and gave nothing to the therapist.  He only deserved the commission from the massage and not a tip.

This is an additional information that was brought to my attention.  Touch of Heaven has recently changed their name to Convalescent Spa.  According to my friend they had tax issues.  They were actually about to close but it seems they were able to negotiate with the BIR.


  1. In fairness, I always have a pleasant experience when I get him to massage me although dugay na hinuon to. Katong wala pa koy guts, there was no ES kay dili siya ga initiate and dili pod ko ga ask. Katong gutsy nako haha and ga hawid hawid na akong mga kamot--- lo and behold, dili man siya ga reklamo. If it's the same Von, well, dako siya og bunal!!! And, you can stroke it...BJ it...whatever you fancy 😉

    1. Naay Von sa una. In my first review I could not recall the name of the therapist. Ingon ko basta naay N iyang name.

      I just remembered it was Von. But this Von that handled me is not the same person. Lahi ni siya.

    2. In my experience, i ask the service of Jay, I had him thrice already. I was satisfied with his service.

  2. Si Jay of Convalescent is the same Jay in Elysium?