Saturday, March 11, 2017

Female Therapist Page

Murag mas daghan ga comment dinhi nga straight kay sa mga gays lately.  I think you need your own space.

I already have a site for the Female Therapist page but I am still working on ways to make it more interactive.  

Remember I am gay.  So I can not really give personal reviews for the female therapist page.  Someone suggested that fans submit their stories and I just basically edit it.

The proposed site is  

Do you like the name of the site?  Any suggestions?

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  1. wala pa man lagi?

  2. ask ko lang na bay mag pa ES na babae ang masahista unya lesbian o straight girl ang customer?? Thanks avid reader here ;)

  3. I asked that before. Interesado pud ko makabalo bahin sa ES babae sa babae (lesbian). Hangtod karon wala pay nag comment bahin ana. Pero sigurado ko naa na. Dili lang common pero naa.