Friday, May 6, 2016

Amarela - Divisoria Branch

Surprise!  3 spa reviews in a week?  Must be Christmas :)

Amarela Massage and Spa (formerly Red Fern)

2nd floor, Wilkom Building corner A. Velez and Chaves Sts.

Adjacent to Davids Salon and near Natures Pensionne

Google Map,124.6442661,21z

Along the street (it can be problematic)

Contact Number

Spa Operation
12:00nn to 2:00am (on weekends)

Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, Traditional Hilot, 4 Hands Massage, Home/Hotel Service

My Spa Review
Amarela used to be Red Fern.  They have 2 branches.  One in Carmen and the other in downtown or Divisoria.  I wanted to find out if they renovated the place or was it just a name change.

So I went to their Divisoria branch.  Going up the staircase, I did not see much changes.

As soon as I entered the spa, it was the same old interior.  It was a disappointment for me.  The spa needed some renovations.  It was worn down.

I asked for their Swedish massage which cost 250 Pesos.  The masseur assigned to me was R, if I am not mistaken. (I have decided to use intials, murag mas thrilling ug exciting paminawon)  That was the name the receptionist called him.  He is a tall guy, around 5'7 inches (170cm) tall and stocky.  He looked like a bouncer or a body builder who forgot to go to the gym for over a year.  He is basically a chub.  Face value?  Not really my type.  He has a very mellow voice.

After the obligatory foot wash, he lead me to the cubicle.  As I was stripping down to my underwear, I noticed there were still holes on the wall.  Nothing has changed.

So I positioned myself on the bed wearing my underwear.  Waiting for my therapist to start the massage.

I was expecting a lousy massage but R proved me wrong.  It was a good massage.  In fact I almost fell asleep.  I was so relaxed even my junior was asleep! Hahahaha.  Every now and then he would ask me if the massage was good.

R was not sure if I was gay or not so he was careful in giving me a massage.  It was when he started giving my inner thigh a massage that I got an erection.  Obvious na ba nga bayot ko? Hehehe

R started giving my chest a full massage and finally asked me, "extra ka sir?".  I asked "pila man sad?".  He replied back "500 lang sir".  Okay, go ahead.

So he then removed my underwear, placed oil over my now rock hard cock and started playing with it.  I was skeptical at first that it would be another ordinary jerk off massage but he started giving different strokes.  He knew a bit of lingam.  I was impressed.

While his hands were busy with my dick and balls, I was busy rubbing his dick in his pants.  I must let the genie out of the bottle! hehehehe After a few seconds of stroking and rubbing his dick, it started to grow.  I pulled his pants down a bit and grabbed his hardening dick...OMG I was for a shock!  His dick was thick!  Probably average length but it was thick!  Damn!

At this time I was about to cum and I just held on his huge dick head like I was holding on for dear life.  Unfortunately I was not able to pull down his pants properly so I was not able to see it in full view.  I just hope it was not my imagination or something.

After I came, he got a towel and wiped me clean.  He got out and came back with hot towels.  He wanted to rub baby powder on me but I refused.  I am not a fan of baby powder.

He left the cubicle and waited outside where I handed him his ES tip.

I am all about privacy and those walls need to be patched up.

R was just adorable.  He was not demanding, he was not rude at all.  He gave me first a good massage and then ES.

For those who are into chubs, I guess R is for you.  I also saw one of their therapist who was a chub.  Murag nanambok naman sila diha sa Amarela LOL

The only thing that would stop me from going back to Amerala spa is the place.  It is worn down.  They have to renovate.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hapyod Massage

Hapyod Massage

2nd floor, Tan Building, Tiano Bros. corner Cruz Taal Streets

Adjacent to BS Electrical

Google Map,124.6436934,21z

Along the street (No problem in the evening)

Contact Number

Spa Operation
3:00pm to 4:00am

Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Deep Tissue

My Spa Review

Hapyod is a branch of Mahumpay Spa, my bestfriend according to someone here :)  When I entered Hapyod, the interior was so green, like neon screaming green.   Not the best color for a spa.

Their swedish massage cost around 180 Pesos which is cheap.  

The male therapist assigned to me was not my type but not an issue at all.  There was the usual foot bath before I was lead to the cubicle.

When I got in the cubicle, I observed that half of the curtain partition was thin and the other half was thick.  This was a concern for me.  I also noticed that the curtains did reach the floor level.  There was a gap of around 2 to 3 inches.  Since the bed is on the floor, you can see the hands of the person in the adjacent cubicle and hear him clearly.

The bedding was quite stiff, it was a bit hard.  Not sure if the foam came from a punching bag.

I was a bit surprised that the massage started with my legs.  Therapists usually start at the back.  The therapist was quite careful with the massage.  No ES at all.

The massage was good.  Very typical massage.  It would have been a good end to the evening if it was not for the missing slippers.  I could not find the slippers provided to me.  I had to walk barefoot to the receptionist to get my shoes.

I am all about privacy and those curtains need to be changed.  The bed I can forgive but not the curtain partitions.

Hapyod would not be my first choice but it can be an option if all of the spas are full.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Touch of Delight - Manila

First of all I would like to thank the people who gave me suggestions for my Manila trip.  I really appreciate it.  It really helped a lot.  This is the longest review I have ever made, so bear with me.  Nahurot atong inenglis ani :D

I decided to hire a therapist from Touch of Delight or TOD.  They have a website and Facebook account for you to check out their on-call therapists.

There were several options to get a reservation.  You can reserve online, text or call them.  I opted at first to send them a text message.  I waited the entire day, there was no response.  So, the following day I decided to call them.  A gay guy answered my call.  I made my reservation and asked for a specific therapist (sorry I can't mention his name, will explain in the succeeding paragraphs).  My first 3 choices were not available.  So I had to be contended with my 4th choice.  I was told that hotel/home service rate is 500 Pesos which does not include taxi fare for the therapist.  There was no mention of extra service.  So I agreed with the rate and waited for the therapist.

Two hours after the call, I heard a knock from the door and there he was.  He stood around 5' 7 inches tall (170 cm), moreno but was not really my type.  That is why he was my 4th choice. 

As he came in, he greeted me and then asked me if I already talked with the spa management regarding the extra service.  I looked at him with confusion.  What do you mean ES?  I was not expecting the spa to get involved in the ES.  Usually ES is between the therapist and client.

He started texting rapidly while expressing his disappointment on the receptionist.  This was not the first time it happened to him.  Once he had to pay his own taxi fare without reimbursement because the receptionist forgot to ask his client regarding ES rate.

I asked the therapist, how much was everything including ES.  He answered 3,500 Pesos (massage, fare, and ES) but it does not include the tip.  Holy shit!  Binuang mani!  There was no mention of this amount during my conversation with the receptionist.  I felt I was scammed!

After talking with the therapist for over a minute, I agreed to the massage.  It was already getting late and that was the only night I was alone in my room.  It was now or never! Hahahaha Please don't judge me! :)

Before we started, the therapist asked me if the hotel had X rated shows.  I told him that the hotel was family oriented.  He is straight and he wanted something to make himself hard.  

He told me that his girlfriend and even some of his family members does not know what he really does.  One time he had a half naked photo online and his girlfriend confronted him.  Right there and then, I decided not to take his photo. Not sure if I can even mention his name here.  Sorry guys.

He then slowly took of his shirt revealing his buffed and tattooed body.  It was not smooth but was delicious enough to lick and bite on.  As he pulled down his pants, I could see the contour of his nice ass in his underwear.  I could not wait to grab and squeeze it tight.

As I positioned myself in bed, he straddled on my back still in his underwear and started giving me a massage.  The massage was fairly good.  We talked a lot about the spa industry in Manila.  He mentioned that some former actors (which shall not be named! shhhh) and models were offering "massage" services.  Rates range around 10,000 Pesos and above!  This was also mentioned to me here in the blog.

The therapist also shared his bad experience with home service.  Once he went to a house and found himself with a drug addict.  The guy would not let him out until he took some drugs.  Luckily he was able to get out.  He vowed never to take home service again.

I admired his honestly when he told me that if I wanted a good massage I should go to their spa.  On call therapists are not usually trained masseurs.  However their spa therapists lacks face value.  Most of the guys in the spa does not have a pleasing personality hahaha in short dili nako type gyud :)

As soon as he pulled my hand towards my back, I could feel his cock and balls.  It was not hard but promising.  Its time to get serious and stop talking!  As soon as I flipped over and lay on my back, I was ready for some action.  

He moved on the side, bent over and started kissing and licking my nipples.  It was amazing.  He went on top of me, pressing his now slightly sweaty buffed body over me.  I grabbed his sweet ass, pressing his now semi-erect cock on me.  His lips moved around my chest, then my neck and finally he gave me a light but sensual kiss on my lips. While this was happening his hands were busy fondling my now hard and pre-cumming cock!

Seeing my personal lubricant, he got hold of the tube and poured the lubricant all over my now hard cock.  He straddled over my legs and gave me a lingam massage.  He played with my balls and dick head.  It was just too much for me!

I stood up and pushed him.  This time he was laying on the bed.  Time to reciprocate.  I was now on top of him and started playing with his gorgeous chest, licking his dark nipples and stroking his now hardening cock.  It was around average length and girth.  I was satisfied with it.  

While I was in Manila, I bought a silicon mastubator.  I showed it to him and he got interested with it.  I poured the personal lube in the masturbator and inserted his now semi-erect cock in it.  He loved it.  I started stroking his cock while my fingers played around his hairy tight asshole.  I knelt in between his legs near his crotch, forcing him to spread his legs wide.  It was a perfect sight.  I was tempted to fuck him at that point but had to control myself hahahaha.

I pressed my hard cock on his tight hairy asshole while I was jerking him off with the masturbator.  I gave him a soft kiss and licked his nipples again.  His chest was just delicious.  With his hands over his head, showing off his arm pits and chest, legs spread, balls tightening, he then blurted out a soft...ahhhhhgggghh.  Success!  But I did not want to stop.  I wanted to jerk him off again and again.  I want to milk him dry!

As soon he was done, he turned to me and said "ikaw naman sir".  Since I could not fuck him, I told him "ipit ko nalang sa iyo".  He obliged.  I wore a condom (I did not want to mess up the hotel bed sheets) and he poured lube on my stiff boner.  He went on top of me, positioned my cock in between his balls, closed his legs tight and started pumping.  At this point, I was already spreading my legs wide to gain access to his legs.  Oh fuck!  It felt so good! I could feel my hard cock rubbing his tight asshole.  I wanted it so bad. I grabbed his ass, encouraging him to go faster.  As he was kissing me lightly, I could no longer hold it.  I came with all my strength filling up the condom with cum.

He slowly stood up, went to the bathroom and washed up.  I wanted more from him but he had to report back to the spa.  I gave him his money, added a tip of 500 Pesos (at this point I was practically broke) and said our good byes.

The encounter with the therapist was not really satisfying.  Bitin gyud siya.  Naay kulang.  I felt for 4,000 Pesos I should have gotten more out of him.  Perhaps if I fucked him and he gave me a blow job, that would have been worth my time and money.

So, would I hire him again or anyone from TOD for the same amount of money? If that was not my last evening, I would have said NO.  It was expensive.  Though I had a great time pero bitin, kulang ra kaayo.  In Cebu, I was able to fuck the therapist for 1,500 Pesos but I suspect he was gay.

Hopefully in the next few months I could visit again Manila or Cebu.  Magtigum nasad ta ug kwarta ani.  You better give me good comments!  Gi gasto gyud ko para sa blog! pakonsensya gyud hehehehe :)  Hope you guys enjoyed reading my review. Till the next therapist.