Sunday, March 27, 2016

Use of Condom

Guys, I need to stress the importance of using a condom.  You need to protect yourself from diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  At first, using a condom can be uncomfortable but later on you will get used to it.

Condoms vary in sizes.  Like shoes, you need to try them on until you find the right fit.  For those with a smaller girth or penile thickness, try Trust or Frenzy.  For those with a larger girth or thickness, try Premier.  There are also other brands that you can try.

Of course, a condom should be paired with a personal lubricant.  Before wearing a condom, apply a personal lubricant on your penis.  This will allow the condom to move a bit around your penis, giving some sensation.  Check out my article on this topic at

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spa schedule for Holy Week

Most spas will still be open on Thursday, March 24.  They will be closed on Friday, March 25.  Spas will reopen on Saturday, March 26.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Finest Thai - Scrub

I visited Finest Thai last January (Sorry I went there last January and forgot to write a review.  Na busy ko katong January and almost forgot about it.)  Finest Thai used to be 3K Thai Massage before.  Now it is owned and managed by Fai Thai.  The spa is located along Capistrano Street, adjacent to LandBank office and near Savemore.  This time I went there for a bodyscrub.  Dugay na pud ko wala ka pa body scrub.  Basic body scrub cost around 350 Pesos (salt and lotion).  They also have another type of body scrub which costs around 450 Pesos.

The spa has not changed much since its 3K days. They have relatively maintained the spa especially their bathroom (it is clean and well made in comparison to other cheap spas).

I forgot the name of the therapist.  I think it was Jay or something.  The therapist has dark/moreno skin, stocky and was not really my type.

The cubicle assigned to me had a solid partition which was good for privacy.  For the body scrub I had to be naked.  So I was laying on my back and the therapist came in.  I called his attention and whispered to his ear...scrub apil ang lubot nako.  Ayaw ka balaka, naligo nako daan.  Ayaw ka ulaw ug kuot diha hehehehe (I already took a bath, just scrub my ass and don't be shy about it...).

The scrub started so well, small talk was exchanged and before I knew it, his hands were all over my ass....wooooooo.  He was scrubbing it like something got stuck in there and it was painfully delicious!  Like a virgin!  touch for the very first time! Hahahahaha  I was still facing down when he suddenly placed his hand in between my balls, pushed it underneath and grabbed my now throbbing cock.  I had to push up my ass so he can reach my dick (naka tuwad nako).  Damn!  I was like a cow being milked for my man juice!

It was just too much!  His scrub was really good.  I felt my skin was about to peel off.  He kept on playing a bit with my now sore ass and dick.  It was one of the best scrub I have experienced.

After the scrub, I went into their shower area.  It was clean and had a hot shower.  There was liquid soap, towel and a bath robe.

I dried off myself and went back to the cubicle for the skin conditioner part.  This time, it was just too much.  My skin was now smooth from the scrub and his hands applying lotion all over my body including my ass.  He asked me if I wanted ES.  A definite YES!  I haggled the price to 700 Pesos.  I felt that 700 Pesos was worth it.  He started licking my nipples and parts of my body while stroking my manhood.  I came hard and fast!

If you ask me if I am going back there again for a scrub? Definite YES especially for Jay.  For 350 Pesos it was worth every Centavo.  Their shower area was basically clean, with hot shower, liquid soap, towel and robe.  Room had enough privacy and the scrub was really good.  Sayang lang, he was not my type.