Monday, January 26, 2015

1 hour massage

I have been going around spas in Cagayan de Oro checking on the masseurs and spa facilities.  It was generally a disappointing experience.

I paid for a 1 hour massage but most therapist serviced me for an average of 30 minutes.  I used my phone timer to check the time.  They are basically in a hurry so that they can offer extra services.

This has to stop.  These masseurs are becoming lazy and unprofessional.  Some would even stay in the cubicle and wait for their tip.

My advise to everyone is this, get your phone and show the masseur that you are using a timer.  They have to learn that 1 hour is 1 hour.  You paid for a 1 hour massage and that does not include the hot towel rub.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

No free advertisements

All messages posted in this blog is moderated.  You can not post anything here without my approval.  This is NOT your blog so NO free advertisements.

This also gave me an idea.  If you are really hell bent to advertise yourselves in this blog, then pay me.  Magbayad mo sa ako para mabutang inyong number ug pangalan dinhi.  I will make a separate page for paid advertisements.

I will post the requirements and details later.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beware of "cheap" masseurs

Someone called my attention regarding these "cheap" masseurs.  Be careful of freelance masseurs who charge cheap rates but after the massage they would suddenly double or triple their rates.  Example, they would ask for 350 Pesos for a massage then just before the massage ends the rate would increase dramatically to 1,000 Pesos or more.  Sometimes they would try to "convince" or force you to accept the increased rate.  This is a scam.

I think I already discussed this issue before.  In fact this is the very reason why I created the Featured Masseur page in this blog (  Featured Masseurs are therapists who I have personally encountered and verified to be good and descent.

Unfortunately I have stopped updating my Featured Masseurs.  It is expensive, time consuming and it is becoming difficult to find descent masseurs.