Friday, November 1, 2013

Updates on Featured Masseur

I already found a masseur who I can feature in this blog but he told me that he is not yet ready.  He is 20 years, straight, tan skin, height approximate 5' 9 or 175cm and weight approximate 175 pounds or 80 kilos.  He is on the heavy side.  I think he wants to loose a bit more weight and firm up his body before he accept clients.  So what do you think?  Is he ready now or we wait for a month or two?


  1. for me he is ready now,, and i want his service please,,, admin,, thank you,,,,

  2. admin, would it be possible to show his face (rex) being a feature masseur. thanks admin

  3. Rex is not yet comfortable showing his face here. But who knows, he might agree later on.

  4. admin, i'm planning to have a hotel service massage from rex because he is featured here, can u assure me that he is really honest/reliable masseur. i' m not putting him down but just to be sure. thanks admin.

    1. Yes. He is honest and reliable. Just negotiate with him his service rate and what type of massage you prefer. His phone speaker is not working so he could not accept calls. Just text him ahead of time so that he has enough time to respond back. Sometimes he runs out of e-load and could not immediately reply back. He does not respond well to people who only wants extra service or sex. Do not anymore ask about blowjobs and anal sex because he does not do these things. He can perform lingam instead.

  5. thank you so much for featuring rex i already tried his service in one of the hotels in cdo. yes he is very friendly and can be trusted,, you are right admin in featuring rex. thanks again